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Pretrial Practice & Discovery Committee


The Pretrial Practice & Discovery Committee is dedicated to enhancing the substantive knowledge of its members about a wide range of Pretrial Practice & Discovery issues. It keeps members abreast of legislative proposals, rule changes, and recent court decisions. To take full advantage of these benefits, we invite you to become involved in our subcommittees.

The Committee operates through its subcommittees, each of which focuses on a particular substantive or procedural topic, or which keeps the membership informed about recent developments in the law. With the help of members like you, the subcommittees can provide our membership with more in-depth information on a more frequent basis, especially in fast-growing and cutting-edge areas such as electronic discovery. Being involved also gives you the opportunity to network with some of the country's best and brightest litigators concerning topics that affect your practice every day.

Getting involved is easy! We will contact you with information about current projects. We look forward to working with you!

We hope you will take a moment to explore the Committee's latest newsletter, featuring articles on motions to dismiss, electronic discovery and drafting interrogatories. Additional articles can be found in the newsletter archive.


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February 19: Free Roundtable

Thursday, February 19, 2015, at 1:00 p.m.–2:00 p.m. EST

Early Case Assessment and Other Initial Stages of Complex Litigation

The early stages of complex litigation are often the most important in delivering a successful result for your client. This presentation will go through the critical preliminary steps litigators should take to ensure that their case gets off to the right start. Topics will include applying early case assessment techniques, initial data collection and preservation issues, managing client concerns, best tactics for dealing with opposing counsel, and identifying potential early motions and other strategic options.

Register now to secure your spot at this roundtable and learn valuable practical tips.

This roundtable is presented by the Young Advocates and Pretrial Practice and Discovery Committees, and is co-sponsored by the Securities Litigation, Commercial & Business Litigation, and Class Actions & Derivative Suits Committees.

Please email your questions to Mor Wetzler.

Publish an Article!

Do you have an article idea for the committee newsletter or website? We are always looking for new, interesting, timely content to publish. Please contact our newsletter editors, Adam Braveman, Angela Fetcher, Tracy DiFillippo, or Mor Wetzler if you have something you would like to contribute.

We Want to Hear from You!

Do you have ideas for future committee activities? Do you have ways we can make this committee a more valuable resource for you? Do you have suggestions about our committee website, newsletter, or listserv emails? We value your feedback—please send an email to one of our committee cochairs, Jeffrey Close, Bobby Poundstone, or Jessica Hew with your suggestions.

Message from the Chairs

The Pretrial Practice and Discovery Committee has had a productive year thus far. Our website has added some new Practice Points, Sound Advice podcasts, and other content that all provide up-to-date information on the latest developments in pretrial practice and discovery. We also publish a newsletter, the latest issue of which includes articles on the work-product doctrine, expert discovery, technology-assisted document reviews, requests for admissions, and other relevant topics. In the coming months, we will be featuring content on the most sweeping changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure in over a decade, which are set to take effect on December 1. Of particular interest, the revised Federal Rules include the adoption of a new “proportionality” standard to define the scope of discovery in place of the familiar “reasonably calculated to lead to the discovery of admissible evidence” standard that has been in place for decades.

We continue to be very active in sponsoring CLE programs at ABA conferences and meetings, as well as conducting roundtables, which provide our committee members remote access to educational presentations without the burden of travel. For example, we have recently conducted the following programs and roundtables:

  • For the Record, from Start to Finish: Your Case on Appeal Can Be Greatly Improved by Focusing on Potential Appellate Issues at Every Step of the Litigation Process
  • iLitigation: Essential Apps and Websites for Litigators
  • The Data Abyss: Clients, Where Do Your Documents Go When the Case Is Closed?
  • Disruptive Innovation and the Legal Services Market: Are Upsets on the Horizon?
  • Lawyers Behaving Badly: Curbing Abusive Tactics in Deposition and Motion Practice
  • Early Case Assessment and Other Initial Stages of Complex Litigation
  • Playing Defense: Preparing Your Client for Deposition
  • Proposed Changes to the Federal Rules

If you have an idea for a CLE program or would like to assist with programming, our programs subcommittee cochairs, Kevin Broughel and Ann Hill, would love to hear from you. We are also actively seeking volunteers to produce written materials for our committee. If you are interested in writing an article (750–2,500 words) or a Practice Point (100–750 words), please contact any member of our content subcommittee: Tracy DiFillippo, Mor Wetzler, Angela Fetcher, Ethan Tidmore, Kyle Kitson or Jason Wiley. If you would like to interact with our committee members firsthand before deciding in which of our many subcommittees you would like to be involved, we would be more than happy for you to participate in one of our monthly committee teleconferences. Please contact one of us for the call-in information.

Finally, we are excited about coming to the Chicago for this year’s Section Annual Conference, which will be held at the Ritz Carlton & Four Seasons on April 13–15. It is a great opportunity to attend extraordinary CLE programs and to network with members of our Pretrial Practice & Discovery Committee. Please join us in Chicago and stop by to say hello during the committee expo.

Kenneth Klemm
Rob Will
Bobby Poundstone

Cochairs, Pretrial Practice & Discovery Committee



Our active subcommittees include:

  • Books
  • Content
  • Membership/Diversity
  • Motion Practice and Discovery
  • E-discovery
  • Emerging Issues and Distance Learning/Podcasts
  • Programming
  • Roundtable
  • Regional Meetings


Find contact information for committee and subcommittee chairs:

Navigant Partners

Nathan Huber-Fliflet

Washington, D.C.

Diane Quick

Chicago, IL


Pretrial Practice & Discovery Leadership

Cochairs Content Subcommittee

Kenneth Klem

New Orleans, LA

Robert Will

St. Louis, MO

Robert Poundstone

Montgomery, AL

Tracy DiFillippo

Las Vegas, NV

Angela Fetcher

Louisville, KY

Kyle Kitson

Kansas City, MO

Ethan Tidmore

Birmingham, AL

Mor Wetzler

New York, NY

Jason Wiley

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