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Practice Points »

"Seemingly Conflicting Responses" Lead to "Discovery on Discovery"

McKinstry reminds attorneys that a party seeking to seal has a heavy burden.

Don't File Documents under Seal Unless "Justified"

Expect federal courts to actively manage a discovery dispute and limit discovery requests consistent with proportionality.

Seeking Damages Against a Public Official: The Significant Hurdle of Qualified Immunity

Attorneys should recognize this heavy burden in civil actions seeking damages against police officers to protect against meritless claims and avoid unnecessary motion practice.

Articles »

Discovery Sanctions under Amended Rule 37(e): A Safe(r) Harbor

By Michael J. Miles and Jeffrey E. Jakob

Early decisions applying the new Rule 37(e) should give comfort to potential litigants who have worked in good faith to preserve potentially relevant ESI.

Supreme Court Watch: A Look Ahead to the October 2016 Term

By Scott N. Wagner and Veronica Gordon

The Supreme Court addresses the right to appeal class action certification denial, and more.

Crafting Cease-and-Desist Letters Without Violating the ABA Model Rules

By Joshua A. Kurtzman

Cautionary tales for attorneys.

Sound Advice »

audio Technology-Assisted Review—The TAR Evolution

By Zviad Guruli

Technology-assisted review (TAR) has been fairly slow to develop because of a combination of a lack of understanding and general lack of trust. Zviad Guruli outlines the history of TAR and ways it can help you and your clients. (08:12 min)

audio Conducting Cross-Border Discovery

By Dana Post

E-discovery and data-management expert Dana Post discusses why U.S. laws make this complicated and offers best practices to still be successful for your client. (9:02 min)

audio Structured Data Discovery

By Bobby Malhotra

Bobby Malhotra explains that structured databases are an underused source of potentially valuable information and how to best use these tools. (14:32 min)

Roundtables »

audio Early Case Assessment and Other Initial Stages of Complex Litigation

Topics include applying early case assessment techniques, initial data collection and preservation issues, managing client concerns, best tactics for dealing with opposing counsel, and identifying potential early motions and other strategic options. (56:45)

audio Playing Defense: Preparing Your Client for Deposition

Experienced litigators cover the nuts and bolts of defending depositions and provide strategies and tips to employ when defending all types of clients. (1:00:01)

audio Proposed Changes to the Federal Rules

Insight into the substance of the proposed amendments, the motivations behind them, the amendment process, and the public comments that the committee has received so far. (1:02:46)

Announcements »

March 16: Free Roundtable

"The Line Between Opinion and Fact Work Product: Why it Matters and Strategies to Protect Your Work Product From Disclosure." Read more.

March 31: Free Roundtable

"Privilege and Ethics in Working with Your Expert." Read more.

Rules Amendments Roadshow—March/April 2016

“Hello ‘Proportionality,’ Goodbye ‘Reasonably Calculated’: Reinventing Case Management and Discovery Under the 2015 Civil Rules Amendments” Read more.


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