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News & Developments »

Judge Orders Disclosure of Online Commenters' Identities

Federal officials possibly behind anonymous posts.

Public-Comment Period Ends for Proposed FRCP Changes

The period closed on February 18.

Minority-Owned Corp. Has Standing to Bring Race-Discrimination Suit

The Fourth Circuit concluded that corporations have standing to assert race-discrimination claims, including claims brought under Title VI.

Articles »

Trial Motion Practice Pointers Part II: Post-Trial Motions

By Taylor N. Barr and Betsy P. Collins

A nuts-and-bolts look at common pre-, in-, and post-trial motions in federal court.

Expert Testimony Part II: Presenting Expert Opinions in Narrative Form

By Betsy P. Collins

Tips and lessons learned on how to present direct testimony of experts in narrative form in lieu of direct examination.

The Real Application of FRCP 1 to E-Discovery

By Regan Kirk, Kevin Broughel, and Carla Walworth

Aspire to keep it manageable.

Sound Advice »

audio Avoiding the Pitfalls of Alternative Fee Arrangements

By Betsy Collins

Litigator Betsy Collins outlines some of the best practices for these types of arrangements and what should be avoided. (15:07 min)

audio Proposed Changes to the Rules of Civil Procedure

By John Barkett

John Barkett describes the changes that may be in store for the federal rules. (4:56 min)

audio Timing Discovery and Motion Practice to Make Mediation Work

By Matthew Bakota

It is said that timing is everything. Matthew Bakota outlines how that is especially true as you prepare a mediation. (7:00 min)

Roundtables »

audio Proposed Changes to the Federal Rules

Insight into the substance of the proposed amendments, the motivations behind them, the amendment process, and the public comments that the committee has received so far. (1:02:46)

audio How to Do E-Discovery and Stay Out of Trouble

Our speakers will cover recent case law and provide practical advice to help you create your own e-discovery road map and stay out of trouble along the way. (1:00:07)

Announcements »

ABA Annual Program a Great Success!

Our program at ABA Annual Has the Death of the Billable Hour Been Greatly Exaggerated? got a great reception, and thanks to all of your that attended. Read the write-up by ABA Now!

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We are always looking for ways to provide timely and useful information on Pretrial Practice & Discovery to our members and the Content Subcommittee spearheads this effort through our website and newsletter. If you are interested in becoming more involved through the Content Subcommittee, please contact one of the Content cochairs: Adam Braveman, Betsy Collins, Tracy DiFillippo, or Mor Wetzler.

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Do you have an article idea for the committee newsletter or website? We are always looking for new, interesting, timely content to publish. Please contact our newsletter editors, Adam Braveman, Betsy Collins, Tracy DiFillippo, or Mor Wetzler if you have something you would like to contribute.


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