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Overview of Articles


Educating Homeless Youth

By Farrah Champagne

Homeless youth need stable housing and continuous support services to access and succeed within the classroom.

Patent Law: Biotechnology Update

By Patrice P. Jean, Ph.D., and Tamara R. Coley

The biotech landscape after Myriad has become much more complicated.

The Next Generation of IP Lawyers

By Erika L. Glenn

A pilot program at North Carolina Central University allows students to practice intellectual-property law before the USPTO.

Social Services and Constitutional Rights, a Balancing Act

By Benjamin R. Picker and Jonathan C. Dunsmoor

Social-service workers must weigh their duty to protect children against their legal obligation not to commit civil-rights violations.

The 2013 John Minor Wisdom Awards

By Leila Lawrence

The winners of the award for 2013 are the firm of Perkins Coie, and Larry Hammond, a partner with Osborn Maledon in Phoenix, Arizona.

Constitutional Literacy, a First Amendment Right to Fun

By Naveed Karbassyoon

The Rutgers University School of Law-Camden participates in the Marshall-Brennan Program, expanding the face of pro bono work.

Scoutreach: Helping Young Boys Become Positive Young Men

By Darryl Irizarry

The Boy Scouts address social concerns of parents and youth.

Tips on Effective Pro Bono Representation for the New Advocate

By Dawn M. Du Verney

Representing a pro bono client may be vastly different from a corporate client.

Voter ID: 1890 Redux

By Deuel Ross

The voter identification laws of today re-create the discriminatory voter-registration laws of the 1800s.

Parole Proceedings for HIV-Positive Prisoners

By Alexandra Gutierrez

The potential impact of Henderson et al. v. Thomas et al. on parole eligibility for inmates living with HIV.

Legislation Attempts to Help States Implement Olmstead Plans

By Fenix Manning-Bowman

Reducing barriers in reshaping the delivery of long-term care services.

Giving Back

Help for Adults Aging Out of Foster Care

By Erika L. Glenn

Insight on unimaginable experiences based on information gathered from legal professionals who work with this underrepresented population.

Attorneys Serving on Nonprofit Boards of Directors Face Ethical Balancing Acts

By Melissa Longamore, Esq.

When serving on a nonprofit board of directors, you must consider a number of ethical issues.

Pitfalls and Pit Bulls: Unique Challenges for Pro Bono Cases

By Losmin Jimenez, Esq.

Your pro bono clients are just as important as any Fortune 500 company you may counsel.

In Giving, I Received

By Tracey N. Duval Esq.

The author's efforts with Chicago Volunteer Legal Services contributed to her easy transition into practicing bankruptcy law.

Empowering the Next Generation of Community Service Leaders

By Donna Bunch Coaxum

The true measure of our success is how we utilize the gifts of the three Ts: our time, talent, and treasure.

A Guide for Creating Your Own Public Interest Legal Organization

By Dionne Stanfield

Public service organizations offer a broad range of legal services to a host of underserved individuals throughout the country.

Case and Legislative Updates

DACA: Dreams No Longer Deferred

By Melissa Longamore

A new policy offers hope for undocumented immigrants.

Public-Interest Groups Take on Los Angeles Curfew Law

By Bobbie K. Ross, Esq.

The hard work of public-interest groups and impassioned stakeholders has forced amendments to the Los Angeles student curfew ordinance that fines students for truancy and tardiness.

What Difference Can a Quality Lawyer Make for a Child?

By Lauren Girard Adams, Lourdes M. Rosado, and Angela C. Vigil

It is absolutely critical that each child has an advocate on his or her side to hold the systems accountable.

The Respect for America's Fallen Heroes Act: A Case Study

By Donald Chisholm and Ashley E. Shapiro

Almost all states have passed laws similar to RAFHA, limiting funeral protesting.

Changes to the Truth in Lending Act Provide Pro Bono Counseling Opportunities

By Joan M. McClenney

Amendments to the Truth in Lending Act will greatly benefit consumers and restrict creditors.


Can Pro Bono Service Lead to Immigrant Bar Membership?

By Christina Congdon

A realistic argument can be made that undocumented immigrants may still practice in the United States to fill a need in the pro bono sector.

Will the Supreme Court End Affirmative Action in College Admissions?

By Joy B. Tolliver, Esq.

Affirmative action, a resource employed by businesses and institutions of higher education to ensure diversity among qualified candidates, is under review by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Re-Presenting Justice

By Alexandria Gutierrez

Representing Justice: Invention, Controversy, and Rights in City-States and Democratic Courtrooms encourages readers to look beyond the art history of Lady Justice to the bigger picture about the future of justice.

A Call for a National Anti-Payday Lending Campaign

By Rev. Dr. DeForest B. Soaries Jr.

The payday lending industry is representative of the worst predatory lending practices in America.

Girls in the Juvenile Justice System: The Case for Girls' Courts

By Sarah Klein

We need a new approach to juvenile justice that accounts for females' different paths to violence.

Pro Bono Spotlight

Pro Bono Champion: Legal Services of New Jersey, Inc.

By Dawn M. Du Verney

We interview the president of LSNJ to learn more about the pro bono opportunities for attorneys to assist in closing the access-to-justice gap in New Jersey.

Pro Bono Champion: Helping and Inspiring Lawful Permanent Residents in Houston

By Erika L. Glenn, Esq.

Pro bono volunteers serve as a lifeline to Houston’s lawful permanent residents seeking to achieve the American dream.

Brown Rudnick: True Champions of Change

By Dawn M. DuVerney Esq.

While Brown Rudnick is a recognized leader in handling some of the largest and most complex legal matters, the firm has also become a recognized leader in the pro bono and public interest community.

Pro Bono Champion: Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church Legal Ministry

By Dawn M. DuVerney Esq.

The legal ministry of a Philadelphia church addresses its community’s legal needs in measurable ways.

Interview with Anthony Sodono III Esq.

By Joy B. Tolliver

The Pro Bono & Public Interest Committee is pleased to provide below an interview with Anthony Sodono III Esq., partner at Trenk, DiPasquale, Della Fera & Sodono.

Pro Bono Champion

By Dawn M. DuVerney Esq.

This new feature showcases interesting opportunities in the pro bono area and the pro bono champions who undertake them.

Redefining Pro Bono: Spotlight on Lowenstein Sandler PC

By Melissa Toner Lozner

Lowenstein Sandler's commitment to pro bono is grounded in the firm's partnership agreement, which stresses the importance of giving back to the community.

Public Interest

Pro Bono Attorneys Help Bridge Gap in Forecloure Defense Cases

By Margaret Lambe Jurow

The mortgage-foreclosure crisis has given valuable experience to pro bono lawyers.

Washington's Supreme Court Approves "Limited" Law License

By Jonathan J. Tofilon

The court has adopted a new limited law license for "legal technicians" to perform certain limited services to help meet the needs of lower-income individuals.

Passion Plus: Imperatives for Effective Community Service

By Donna Bunch Coaxum

While many people choose to perform community service, just showing up is not enough.

DOJ Says Recording Police Is Constitutionally Protected Conduct

By Bobbie K. Ross

The Department of Justice issued a letter of guidance explaining what law enforcement agencies should do to be sure that citizens' First Amendment rights are protected.

CLE Credit for Pro Bono Initiatives Moving Forward in Illinois and New York

By Jonathan J. Tofilon, Esq.

In Illinois, discussions have begun regarding a new CLE-for-pro-bono initiative. Meanwhile, New York is increasing the amount of pro bono work eligible for CLE credit.

By Any Other Name: Gender-Biased Speech in the Workplace

By Leila Lawrence, Esq.

The use of such provocative language has become so widespread that one may begin to believe that everyone has a free pass to use this language in the workplace.

The Genesis of the Alien Tort Statute

By Uzoamaka Okoye, Esq.

The relatively unknown Alien Tort Statute gives rise to pro bono and public interest litigation on behalf of foreign nationals.

DNA Collection and the Fourth Amendment

By Ronald W. Brown Esq. and Geraldine Reed Brown Esq.

Collecting DNA samples from arrestees can be either beneficial or harmful to the criminal justice system depending on its use.

A Lawyer's Duty to Defend the Constitution

By Jesse Montagnino

Lawyers must promote the sacred sense of duty to protect and defend the rule of law, specifically, the First Amendment.