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Practice Points »

Administrative Errors Are Legal-Malpractice Traps for the Unwary

Cross Your T's and Dot Your I's.

Best Practices for Avoiding Attorney Liability to Non-Clients

There are several measures an attorney can and should take to prevent unintended attorney-client relationships.

PCAOB Adopts Rules Requiring New Disclosures for Audit Firms

Attorneys advising public accounting firms and individual engagement partners should be aware of the potential issues that may arise as a result of the new required disclosures.

Articles »

Arbitration of Attorney Malpractice Claims

By Joshua E. Liebman and Alexander L. Berg

An overview of some of the positive and negative aspects.

Attorney Ethics in the Age of Social Media

By Saleel V. Sabnis

The ABA's decision not to expressly address social media has left attorneys little national guidance.

Enforcement of Arbitration Clauses Against Non-Signatories

By Edward A. Marod and Darlene Barron

The federal courts have recognized at least six bases for enforcing an arbitration agreement against a non-signatory.

Sound Advice »

audio Game of Depos

By Edward Marod

Ed Marod shares his 38 years of hard-earned trial experience in the form of some guidelines for depositions that can help both you and your witness clients. (09:12 min)

audio Inadvertent Disclosure of Privilege Documents

By Saleel Sabnis

Saleel Sabnis outlines what your options are if you ever find yourself in the unenviable position of having unintentionally disclosed documents. (9:49 min)

audio Choice of Law and Privilege: What Law Applies to a Claim of Privilege?

By Patrick Ferland

Patrick Ferland discusses how, despite the many commonalities that exist, the choice of jurisdiction may have a huge impact on how you build your case. (13:47 min)


Attention Young Lawyers

Our committee is seeking to serve young lawyers and recruit them as members. You may contact our chairs, Bernard Amyot and Carey Menasco, to become involved in our committee immediately.

Bimonthly Committee Conference Call

The committee’s bimonthly calls are held at 11 a.m. Central on the first Tuesday of every other month. Our next committee conference call is scheduled for June 7, 2016. Please contact cochair Carey L. Menasco for dial-in information.

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