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Solo & Small Firm Committee



Welcome to the homepage of the Solo and Small Firm Committee. Our committee's goal is to deliver the benefits and provide the resources most useful to small firm and solo litigators.

While perhaps not as noticeable to the public eye, solo and small firm litigators are the backbone of our country’s civil justice system. Our committee’s purpose is to provide a forum for the exchange of information, ideas, and resources on issues uniquely impacting the solo and small firm litigator and that will enhance the effectiveness and enjoyment of our members’ litigation practices. Our goal is to “raise the bar” by serving as a clearinghouse on the many varied matters affecting your practice, including current litigation developments, important new decisions, articles on issues of substance and procedure, ethics, technology and Section news. Our success depends upon your participation. We need your help in shaping and defining the message of our committee so all our members can benefit by learning what works for you in your litigation practice.

We encourage you to contact us to get involved.



The Solo and Small Firm Committee Needs Authors

If you are interested in writing an article for our committee newsletter or webpage, please contact Emily Kirk. Our next edition of the newsletter is scheduled for Winter 2017 and web articles are needed on a monthly basis.


Get Involved

If you have identified (or authored) great resources to assist the solo and small firm litigator, let us know by contacting web editor Emily Kirk or newsletter editor Jackie Condella. Your submission may be published in our next newsletter or on our website.

Feedback and Submissions

We are always looking for hot topics for webinars, roundtables, CLE programs, and Sound Advice presentations. If you have an idea for programming, or if there is a hot topic you would like to learn more about, please let us know.

If you have identified or authored great resources to assist the solo and small firm litigator, let us know. Your submission may be published in our next newsletter or on our website.

Social Networking

We invite you to join our ABA Section of Litigation LinkedIn committee page! If you aren't already a member, join the Section of Litigation, and then join the Solo & Small Firm page.

Message from the Chairs

August 2016


Welcome to the Solo & Small Firm Committee page! We are delighted to chair the Solo & Small Firm Committee for the 2016–2017 bar year. The success of the ABA and of the Section of Litigation is, in many respects, driven by the involvement of thousands of small-firm lawyers across the United States. We come from communities large and small and in many different packages, with different practice models, different concentrations, and different backgrounds, but together, we are a large and potent voice in the bar.


It is our hope that this committee will provide a resource for you and perhaps a portal to greater involvement in the Section of Litigation. To that end, we are excited about new developments from our committee that will provide greater resources for you.


Our committee’s website adds new content each month and our Linkedin subcommittee page posts new content on a more frequent basis. We use these regular updates to provide a place for you to find news of significance to the solo and small-firm practitioner. We are also working with other committees in the Section to provide roundtables, sound advice and regional meetings.  Please check your email for announcements of these events.  We are always looking for new content to post and resources to link. Contact our website editor, Emily Kirk, with your thoughts and suggestions, and, if you would like to join the website subcommittee, let Emily know that as well.


In addition, we have an active newsletter. The next edition should be hitting your email inbox by Winter 2017. Want to write for the Committee? We would love to review your ideas and submissions for the newsletter. It is an excellent opportunity to obtain a publishing credit in a bar publication. Contact our newsletter editor, Jackie Condella, with your suggestions and submissions, and let Jackie know if you would like to join the newsletter subcommittee.

Also, we are gearing up for the 2017 Section of Litigation Annual CLE Conference, to be held May 2–8, 2017, at The Hyatt Regency, Embarcadero in San Francisco, California. The conference is an excellent opportunity for solo and small-firm practitioners to obtain CLE credit and to network with fellow litigators from across the country. Where else does that type of networking opportunity exist? No matter where your practice is located, sometime in the future, another Section member will need the services of someone like you in your city. The conference provides the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself, so when the need arises, the call will come to you.


We love hearing from our members.  Please contact us at any time with any questions or to express an interest in getting more involved.


We look forward to meeting you in San Francisco, and to hearing from you at any time.


Joseph A. Frank
Cindy C. Albracht-Crogan
Cochairs, Solo & Small Firm Committee


Our active subcommittees include:


Solo & Small Firm Leadership
Cochairs Web & Social Media Editor Newsletter Editor

Cindy Albracht-Crogan

Phoenix, AZ

Joseph Anthony Frank

St. Louis, MO

Roundtable Leader

Samuel Alba

Williamsville, NY

Emily J. Kirk

St. Louis, MO

Book Editor

Anthony Coppola

Arlington, VA

Jackie Condella

Phoenix, AZ