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Class Actions 101: How I Began My Practice

By Emily J. Kirk

Our area of litigation is a rewarding practice for attorneys on both sides of the "v."


David v. Goliath: Representing the Underdog Against Big Corporations

By Robert Zarco and Kaari Gagnon

Representing small business against the industry's "giants" can be daunting for a young lawyer.


Four Principles to Help Guide Your Legal Writing

By Jillian Singer

The best trial lawyers need to learn to become excellent writers.


Franchise Law: Representing a Franchisor at Trial

By Kevin M. Shelley and David J. Kaufmann

Ways to educate the judge and jury about the parties' franchise relationship and demonstrate your client's compliance.


"Preponderance of Evidence" Standard Deems Lost Profits Recoverable

By Carmen D. Caruso

How much evidence is required to establish "reasonable certainty"?


State Bar's Advertising Rules Unconstitutional

By Candice A. Garcia-Rodrigo

Bar cannot prohibit lawyers from truthfully advertising expertise.

Originally published as a Top Story in Litigation News.


Ten Reasons Why Going Solo Can Make You a Happier Lawyer

By Diane A. Seltzer Torre

An experienced practitioner shares her reasons for going, and staying, solo.


Top 5 Expectations for Young Lawyers

By Carmen D. Caruso

Take ownership of your career, be a part of the team, maintain candor, and commit to professional development.


How to Train Young Lawyers to Become Excellent Trial Lawyers

By Caesar A. Tabet and John M. Fitzgerald

The long-term success of any litigation firm depends on its ability to train its young attorneys in trial practice.


Always Be an Advocate

By John Balestriere

Young lawyers have a lot to learn once they graduate-being an advocate is one of the harder, and more important, early lessons.


The Challenges and Opportunities of Small Firm Mentorship

By Ronald K. Gardner

Young attorneys hired by small firms shouldn't expect to be handed a mentorship like a participation trophy.


Endorse Me, Endorse Me Not: LinkedIn Etiquette for Small Law

By Sam Alba

Five big do's and don'ts that every attorney should know about online networking.


Mentor, Make Me a Better Lawyer

By Lisa O'Connor

Mentorship empowers young associates to the benefit of the entire firm.


ABA Clarifies Inconsistent Interpretation of Sale of Law Practice Rules to the Benefit of Sole Practitioners

By William Knight

Guidance on selling a solo firm upon retirement.


Remember to Breathe

By Christy Cassisa

Practicing law can sometimes feel like confronting a wild tiger.


How Lawyers Can Stand Out (for Now) Without Using Social Media

By Mitch Jackson

Make up for your lack of an online presence by creating an exceptional offline client experience.

Mentoring: Helping Young Lawyers "Start Well"

By Kimberly Stamatelos

Veteran lawyers hoping to "finish well" should consider serving as mentors to help young lawyers "start well."


Why You Should Sleep under Your Desk

By Kate Mayer Mangan

Practicing law requires that your brain function at its best, and taking quality breaks can improve your cognition.


Electronic Discovery: Where to Start?

By Emily J. Kirk

Advice on producing discovery for a successful and manageable review.


The Ethics of Space Sharing

By Emily L. Bloedel

Attorneys sharing an office space should put in place the following safeguards to avoid being perceived as one firm.

The Modern-Day Mobile Lawyer's Manifesto, Part Two

By Michael J.P. Schewe

Your law office is all around you.

Legal Business Development for a Changing Profession

By Paula Black

Don't get left behind.

Hackers Are Targeting Law Firms: Are You Ready?

By Stacy Berliner

Recent cyber attacks on law firms, as well as revisions to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct, require attorneys to understand the security risks and protect their clients' information.

Just the Facts on Franchise Litigation

An Interview with Carmen D. Caruso

Our conversation covers an area of law that intersects with many other types of litigation.

Chief Judge Imposes Severe Sanctions

By Lauren M. Koloseike

The Haeger opinion could expand the scope and severity of sanctions imposed against a party and its counsel for engaging in bad faith conduct during the discovery process.

Five Law Firm Web Strategies for 2013

By Michael Eck

Consider these crucial factors when building or redesigning a law firm website for today's market.

A Beginner's Guide to Creating a Wired Law Office

By Aaron M. Kelly

Time to move your firm into the cloud.

Breaking Down Cloud Computing

By Nicole Black and Matt Spiegel

Let's explore the technology, risks, and ethical issues posed by the use of cloud computing in your law practice.

Tackling Document-Preservation Letters

By Gabriel R. Aragon

Complying with the heightened duty to preserve all relevant records can be daunting for your small-firm clients.

The Modern-Day Mobile Lawyer's Manifesto

By Michael J.P. Schewe

How I learned to stop worrying and love being paperless.

Five Tips for Young Lawyers Hanging a Shingle

By Cindy Albracht-Crogan

Establishing a solo practice right out of law school comes with many perks—and potential pitfalls. Follow these tips to ensure your fledging firm beats the odds.

A Recent Graduate's Toolbox for Building a Law Practice

By Sofia S. Lingos

Starting a law practice is like building a house—you need the right tools and a good plan to set it up right.

10 Suggestions for Flying Solo While Female

By Heidi Weber

In a troubled economy, employment opportunities may be harder to come by, and starting a solo practice may seem more and more attractive. Consider this before starting.

How I Decided to Open My Practice

By Sandra Johnston

The path to private practice can be a very crooked road—here's one story.

Book Review: The E-Myth Attorney

By Jason Kohlmeyer

While some people think they have what it takes to run a small business because they are good at what they do, many lack the entrepreneurial spirit to actually succeed.

Tips for Using Technology While Keeping Client Information Confidential

By Lisa O'Connor

With the use of new technology comes unchartered ethical territory for lawyers to navigate.

Non-Lawyer Ownership of Law Firms: A Historical Debate

By Norayr Zurabyan

The question of whether non-lawyers should be permitted to own law firms has been debated for many years.

Surviving the Financial Hurricane

By Sonia Gallagher

To make your law firm truly thrive, you have to set yourself apart from the competition.

How to Build and Maintain Client Relationships

By Kathryn Harris

A recent podcast "New Lawyer: New Solo" offers tips on improving your new solo practice.

Jumpstarting Forseeability: Third Party Premises Liability

By Bruce A. Jacobs

When the criminal conduct of third parties is reasonably foreseeable, an affirmative duty arises.

Finding a Niche: One Key to Solo Success and Happiness

By Roland W. Baggott III

If you are a solo practitioner seeking more stability and satisfaction from your practice, developing a niche may work for you.

Rainmaking Basics from a Construction Lawyer

By Gerald T. Giaimo

The business development key is to both embrace the fundamental habits of good lawyering and adopt a modern business strategy, marketing directly to industry-relevant prospects.

Call the Equalizer

By Stephen J. Curley

As solo or small firm litigators, we all have had moments when we wished we had an "Equalizer" to call.

An Advocate and a Counselor: Five Tips for the Family Law Attorney

By Ka'Juel J. Washington

Family law attorneys need to balance between advocating effectively and being a counselor to the client.

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