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North Carolina State Bar Association Addresses Ethics of Social Media Endorsements

Associations have struggled to develop a coherent approach to the issue under existing marketing rules.

Europol Will Begin Shutting Down Islamic State-Linked Social Media Accounts in July 2015

Twitter and other platforms serve as a recruitment tool for terrorist groups.

New York Court Affirms Service through Social Media

Alternative options that do not require in-person delivery are now acceptable in the Empire State.

Articles »

Top 10 Microsoft Outlook Tips for Attorneys

By Jeffrey C.P. Wang and Trevor Roberts

Your email service is not a toy. It is a tool that is the survival of your practice.

Attorneys, Beware! Six Technology Traps to Avoid

By John F. O'Rourke and Trevor Roberts

When it comes to making mistakes with modern technology, prevention may be the only cure.

Improve Negotiation Outcomes with Analytics

By Don Philbin

How can lawyers draw insights from large data sets and add value for their clients?

Tech Tips »

Leveraging Technology for More Effective Depositions

These days, there's an app to facilitate almost every facet of the deposition process. From tablet devices to transcript software and live streaming, litigators have a new batch of tools at their disposal.

Remote ESI Collection Devices Can Save Time and Money

Remote self-collection kits are designed to automatically collect ESI using a forensically sound process that can be employed quickly and inexpensively.

Encryption Keeps Files and Client Information Confidential

Improve the chances that your confidential work product and client information stays that way by encrypting your files.

Tablets + The Cloud = A Powerful Mobile Presentation Tool

To bring the documents, exhibits, and other content to your tablet, you don't want to rely on email or clunky wired connections.

Sound Advice

audioTechnology Traps for Litigators

By Treavor Keith Roberts

Tech is changing the world—and the law is no exception. Treavor Keith Roberts describes 6 ways technology can create headaches for litigators. (6:54 min)

audio Social Media Marketing: LinkedIn for Lawyers and Law Firms

By Beverly Macy

Moderator Patrick Soon talks with author Beverly Macy about social media and some tips to best use these new platforms for marketing and career development. (14:46 min)

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