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California's Child Sexual Abuse Reports Are Not Protected

Psychotherapist-patient privilege not held confidential under the CANRA.


Can a Witness Identify a Voice Without Understanding the Language Spoken?

The Ninth Circuit rules on voice identification of intercepted phone calls.

First Chair Without Gray Hair

20 common trial mistakes observed in federal court.


Articles »

People v. Truett: A Murder Case That Could Not Be Won—But Was

By Travis H.D. Lewin and Tyler P. Hite

It seemed to be a clear case of murder that Abe could not win—but he did. Was it, in fact, a case he should have lost?


Mr. Lincoln and the Almanac Enigma from People v. Armstrong

By Travis H.D. Lewin and Tyler P. Hite

Was "Honest Abe" really being honest when he avoided unfavorable evidence and stretched the truth during the trial?


Court Addresses 911 Call and DNA Evidence

By Michael R. Lied

Illinois appellate court holds that a defendant's statements are admissible nonhearsay and that evidence submitted should not have been excluded.


Sound Advice »

audio Tips for the Procrastinator

By Ian Fisher

You’re late with your privilege log—no big deal? Ian Fisher explains how it can become a huge deal but also how a little cooperation can be a procrastinator’s best tool. (7:26 min)


audio Lessons in Evidentiary Issues

By Hon. Joseph F. Anderson Jr.

Listen as a U.S. district judge with 27 years of experience in the courtroom, discusses what he views as the most troublesome evidentiary issues. (13:05 min)

audio Evidentiary Issues Arising from People v. Collins

By Professor Stephan Landsman

Professor Steve Landsman discusses the evidentiary issues arising from People v. Collins—including problems that can come from an uncritical look at statistics. (7:55 min)



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