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Can a Witness Identify a Voice Without Understanding the Language Spoken?

The Ninth Circuit rules on voice identification of intercepted phone calls.

First Chair Without Gray Hair

20 common trial mistakes observed in federal court.

Supreme Court Upholds (but Curtails) Securities Fraud Class Actions

The results of the decision in Halliburton II.

Articles »

The Common Interest Privilege

By Matthew D. LaBrie

Despite the name, the common interest privilege is not as common as you might think.


The Basics of iPad Trial Evidence Presentation

By Alexander S. Rusek

Tablet computers can provide an effective means to present to the judge and jury.


Why FRE 407 Applies in Criminal Cases and Proceedings

By Ryan C. Hudson and Kenneth J. Duvall

The plain language of Federal Rule of Evidence 407 reveals that it should be applied in both civil and criminal matters.

Sound Advice »

audio Lessons in Evidentiary Issues

By Hon. Joseph F. Anderson Jr.

Listen as a U.S. district judge with 27 years of experience in the courtroom, discusses what he views as the most troublesome evidentiary issues. (13:05 min)

audio Evidentiary Issues Arising from People v. Collins

By Professor Stephan Landsman

Professor Steve Landsman discusses the evidentiary issues arising from People v. Collins—including problems that can come from an uncritical look at statistics. (7:55 min)

audio Authentication of Evidence

By Professor Stephan Landsman

Veteran ethics professor Stephan Landsman discusses authentication and the seven-step process to establish it for evidentiary purposes. (12:40 min)


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