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Practice Points »

Summaries of Western Union and Moneygram Records Properly Admitted

Additional sources of corroboration can cure the hearsay problem that a third party’s involvement in creating a business record introduces.


Failure to Follow California Court's Order Results in Terminating Sanction

A trial court has the inherent authority to control proceedings before it.


Hearsay Exception for Recorded Recollections: Pitfalls to Avoid

Lessons to learn from recent cases.

Articles »

Admitting Emails under Rule 803(6) Is No Slam Dunk

By Kirsten R. Fraser

Evaluating for compliance and laying testimonial foundation are necessary to ensure successful admission of the evidence.


Rules Clarified for Admitting Identification Evidence in Illinois

By Michael R. Lied

The defendant should be able to examine the officer outside the jury's presence to explore familiarity, bias, or prejudice.


Harnessing the Power of Simulated and Illustrative Evidence Without an Expert

By Justin Bryan

When to consider offering illustrations as evidence.

Sound Advice »

audio Forensic Data Collection

By Grant A. Davis-Denny

What should you do in the wake of a data breach? Grant Davis-Denny addresses the importance of forensically sound collection methods and application tips. (9:02 min)


audio Tips for the Procrastinator

By Ian Fisher

You’re late with your privilege log—no big deal? Ian Fisher explains how it can become a huge deal but also how a little cooperation can be a procrastinator’s best tool. (7:26 min)


audio Lessons in Evidentiary Issues

By Hon. Joseph F. Anderson Jr.

Listen as a U.S. district judge with 27 years of experience in the courtroom, discusses what he views as the most troublesome evidentiary issues. (13:05 min)




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