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Trial Evidence Committee



The Trial Evidence Committee, which monitors developments in the law of evidence, is comprised of more than 1,300 individuals. The Committee produces a quarterly newsletter which typically includes articles on various evidence issues, surveys of national and regional developments in the law of evidence, and updates on significant state and federal evidence cases. Throughout the year, the Committee sponsors and/or co-sponsors programs at national and regional ABA meetings. Members review a wide variety of evidentiary issues and may work on various subcommittees and publications which deal with issues such as expert witnesses, highly technical evidence, electronic evidence, legislation, ethics, privileges, and other issues raised under the Federal Rules of Evidence and their state counterparts.

If you are a trial attorney, especially a new or young trial attorney, the Trial Evidence Committee of the ABA Section of Litigation can offer tremendous benefits to you. The Trial Evidence Committee addresses fundamental as well as cutting edge evidentiary issues that affect each of us in our practice, and it offers valuable tools for us as trial attorneys. Membership in the Trial Evidence Committee is free with your membership in the Section of Litigation.


Join Us: Committee Conference Call on April 16

Please join the cochairs of the ABA Section of Litigation’s Trial Evidence Committee for an all-committee teleconference to discuss upcoming projects on Wednesday, April 16, 2014, at 4 p.m. (EST), 3 p.m. (CST), 2 p.m. (MST), and 1 p.m. (PDT). 

Call-In Number: (866)646-6488

Passcode: 2611423420

Agenda for the Trial Evidence Committee Meeting will be as follows:

1. March: Roundtable on “Murky Evidentiary Issues in Criminal Law”— March 18 (Caldwell/Kammer)

2. April: The ABA Section of Litigation Annual Conference was held on April 9–11, at The Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. The committee attended a Business Meeting/Committee Dinner;  cohosted a CLE with the Products Liability Committee on Putting on a Human Face at Trial: Opening Statements and Closing Arguments (April 10, 2014 at 4:30 p.m.); and cohosted another CLE with the Pretrial Practice & Discovery Committee on “Overwhelmed by Email? Best Practices for Ethics, Discovery, and Trial Evidence (Ethics)” (April 11, 2014 at 11:00 AM) (Fisher/Kammer)

3. May: Roundtable  on “Spoliation of Evidence”— May 20 (Kammer)

4. June: ABA Section of Litigation Spring Leadership Meeting (June 19–21, at Eldorado Hotel & Spa, Santa Fe, New Mexico); Business Meeting/Committee Dinner; Roundtable on Navigating through Administrative Law Courts – June 17 (Caldwell)

5. Update of Assignments for Calendar of Events

a. July: Newsletter (Sid); 50-State Survey on “Expert Witnesses and Daubert Issues” (Harlan)
b. August: ABA Annual Meeting in Boston, MA (August 7-9) - Business Meeting/Committee Dinner (Kammer); CLEs on “Law Goes to War: Comparisonof Civil and Military Tribunals”(King)

6. Newsletters/Web Updates – next set of deadlines

7. New cochair for web updates is:  Jennifer B. Routh, Nexsen Pruet, LLC, Columbia, SC 29201; 803-540-2187; JRouth@nexsenpruet.com

8. New Sound Advice Videos, Roundtables, and Webinars

Seeking Contributors

We are looking for authors for articles about trial evidence and related matters. Contact an editor (listed on our masthead) for more information.

Message from the Chairs

Upcoming Committee Events
October: Sound Advice on Adverse Inferences (Kammer) – October 25
November: Newsletter (Felter)
December: Sound Advice on Common Evidentiary Issues at Trial (Judge Joseph
Anderson, District of South Carolina) – December 17
January: ABA Section of Litigation Winter Leadership Meeting (Jan. 16–18, at
The Grand Del Mar Resort, San Diego, California ); Business Meeting/Committee
Dinner; Rountable on Business Records Evidence-January 28 (Fisher)
February: ABA MidYear Meeting (Feb. 5-10, Chicago, Illinois); Webinar on Social
Media in the Context of Evidence Blogs – February 25 (King); Newsletter (Felter)
March: Roundtable on Murky Evidentiary Issues in Criminal Law – March 18
April: ABA Section of Litigation Annual Conference (April 9–11, at The
Phoenician Resort, Scottsdale, Arizona); Business Meeting/Committee Dinner; Cohost CLE with Products Liability Committee on Putting on a Human Face at Trial; Cohost CLE with Pretrial Practice & Discovery Committee on Overwhelmed by Email? Best Practices for Ethics, Discovery, and Trial Evidence (Harlan)
May: Roundtable on Spoliation of Evidence – May 20 (Kammer)
June: ABA Section of Litigation Spring Leadership Meeting (June 19–21, at Eldorado Hotel & Spa, Santa Fe, New Mexico) Business Meeting/Committee Dinner; Roundtable on Navigating through Administrative Law Courts –June 17
July: Newsletter(Sid)
August: ABA Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts (August 7–9); Business Meeting/Committee Dinner (Kammer)

If you have ideas for speakers for these programs, to include judges, attorneys, or experts in the field, please contact the Honorable J. Michelle Childs or Andre Caldwell.

Conference Calls:
Cochairs and Committee Chairs: Committee Members:
October 15 October 31
December 4 December 18
February 4 February 18
April 16
June 24

All calls will be held at 4 p.m. Eastern time (3 p.m. Central time and 12 p.m. Pacific time). The purpose of the conference calls is to discuss the status of upcoming projects or events, to gather ideas for our projects and events, and to enlist the help of our members.

Website/Articles/Web Update/Case Notes/News & Developments
We are always looking for volunteers to submit articles/case notes for the Trial Evidence website and our newsletter. If interested, please contact Ken Felter for the newsletter. We need articles for the February 2014 newsletter. Please contact Ken by November 1 with your topic. Articles are due by November 30. For web updates/case notes, please contact Guigi Carminati.

Social Media
Camalla Kimbrough helped to launch our LinkedIn page. We are looking for individuals interested in contributing questions/topics, updates, links, and the like. Please post questions and comments. For further information, contact Camalla at 504.566.8642.

General Information
Upcoming Assignments: Message from the cochairs: October (Childs); December (Fisher); February(Kammer); April (Childs); June (Fisher). Try to post message by the second Tuesday of the month. Listserve to recruit volunteers: October (Kammer)

Thank You(s)
 Thank you Ian for coordinating a joint committee dinner with the Pretrial Practice & Discovery committee at the Section of Litigation Fall meeting. Thank you to the cochairs and new Roundtable cochair, Andre Caldwell, for working hard on the calendar of events for this year.

We always welcome your input and ideas.


Hon. J. Michelle Childs – 864.241.2190
Ian Fisher – 312.701.9316
Ronald Kammer – 305.428.5100
Cochairs, Trial Evidence Committee, ABA Section of Litigation


Our active subcommittees include:

  • Relevance Rules
  • Privilege Rules
  • Witness Rules
  • Expert Rules
  • Hearsay Rules
  • Electronic Evidence
  • Emerging Issues


  • Criminal Evidence
  • Ethics
  • Programs
  • Newsletter
  • Website
  • Membership
  • Case Note Editorial Board

Find contact information for committee and subcommittee chairs:


Trial Evidence Leadership

Cochairs Vice Chair Editors

Hon. J. Michelle Childs

Greenville, SC

Ian H. Fisher

Chicago, IL

Ronald L. Kammer

Coral Gables, FL

James A. King

Columbus, OH

Maria-Vittoria "Giugi" Carminati

Houston, TX

John Kenneth Felter

Boston, MA

Camalla Kimbrough

New Orleans, LA

Katie L. Dysart

New Orleans, LA

Andrew Flake

Atlanta, GA

Sidney Kanazawa

Los Angeles, CA