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Practice Points »

First Circuit Denies Fourth Appeal on Enforceability of Order in Contempt Case

While posturing and gamesmanship may impress clients, it appears to have no audience in the First Circuit.

Plaintiffs Suing Drug Manufacturer Stung by Standing in First Circuit

Attorneys should ensure each act or omission is sufficiently linked to a recognizable injury to withstand this analysis. .

References to Police Report in Civil Rights Claim Almost Proves Fatal to Claims, Saved by the Fourth

Thoughtlessly attaching a document or even relying heavily on it may prove fatal to the underlying claims.

Articles »

What Michael Jordan Can Teach Us About Cross-Examination

By Michael J. Satin

For starters, His Airness never stopped working on the fundamentals.

Resident Defendant Exception for Removal: A Clever Move or Legal Gamesmanship?

By Robert E. Sumner, IV, and Jennifer Braccia

You might win the admiration of the judge and opposing counsel in the procedural chess match.

Swamp Things: Some Highlights and Lowlights of the Reptile Theory

By Theresa W. Parrish

The old axiom "litigation is preparation" has never been more true.

Sound Advice »

audio Employee Inventor—Fact Witness or Expert Witness?

By Emily Rapalino and Nick Mitrokostas

Two Goodwin Procter attorneys explain the many factors involved when deciding how to best use an employee who also happens to be the inventor in a patent case.

audio Rule of Completeness

By Anthony Zeuli

Tony Zeuli explains that despite its seemingly straightforward definition, Rule 106 features many elements that attorneys should consider, especially during discovery. (12:50 min)

audio Testimony by Deposition

By Mike Williams

Veteran litigator Mike Williams discusses three strategic issues involved in using deposition transcripts in court proceedings. (12:50 min)

Announcements »

Upcoming Sound Advice: "The Trial, From A to Z"

The committee is launching a new series of podcasts entitled "The Trial, From A to Z." The podcast series, which will run for several months, will be provided by authorities on handling the case from preparation to post-trial motions.

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We are looking for articles on trial practice and trial skills to publish on the website and in the quarterly committee journal.

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