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Jury Sides with Apple in iPod Antitrust Class Action

The nine-year-old lawsuit involved the iconic portable music players and the controversial digital rights management.

Juror Not Disqualified By Mistaken Belief as to the Law

A plaintiff sought to exclude a potential juror and to expand the size of the jury during voir dire.

Teeth-Whitening Case Could Significantly Impact States’ Ability to Regulate Professions

Read about North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners v. Federal Trade Commission and its potential impact.

Articles »

Law School and Lessons Learned

By Denny Chan

A young lawyer reflects on his three years at a brand-new law school.

Update on the Proposed Changes to the Federal Rules on Discovery

By Theresa W. Parrish

Some judges are already applying the principles underlying the proposed changes to streamline discovery.

What Do You Do with an Inconsistent Jury Verdict?

By Sanket J. Bulsara, Chris Casamassima, and Laura Schwalbe

Don't get caught flatfooted after a trial is over.

Sound Advice »

audio Cultivating Juror Voir Dire Responses

By Cynthia Cohen

Connecting with jurors strengthens your case. Learn effective use of voir dire from jury consultant Cynthia Cohen. (12:02 min)


audio Tips on How to Best Prepare for Trial

By Lisa Marcy

Although there are no perfect ways to prepare for trial, experience has taught some tactics that are more effective than others. Listen as longtime litigator and teacher Lisa Marcy shares her strategies for preparing for a trial. (9:56 min)

audio Attorney Fees and Federal Rule 68 Offers of Judgment

By John Pinney

One way to avoid litigation is through the use of Federal Rule 68. John Pinney describes how itoperates and what you should consider when handling such an offer. (14:43 min)

Announcements »

Upcoming Sound Advice: "The Trial, From A to Z"

The committee is launching a new series of podcasts entitled "The Trial, From A to Z." The podcast series, which will run for several months, will be provided by authorities on handling the case from preparation to post-trial motions.


Volunteer to Write for the Website or Newsletter

We are looking for articles on trial practice and trial skills to publish on the website and in the quarterly committee journal.

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