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Women Make Gradual Gains in BigLaw Leadership Roles

The WLEF has found that female attorneys are making significant advances at the largest firms.

It's About Gender Balance, Not Gender Diversity

Some efforts have had little to no substantive effect in increasing the percentage of women in the top ranks at law firms.

Women Lawyers Encouraged to "Chart a Different Course" for Careers

In a series of three recent articles, Kimberly Alford Rice offers 12 targeted tips for women to improve their client-development skills.


Articles »

Avoiding Malpractice Risks for Litigators

By Gilda R. Turitz

Many complaints against litigators are rooted in real or perceived failures to manage client expectations properly.

Risk Taking 101 for Women Attorneys

By Teresa Beck

Taking smart risks will undoubtedly result in rewards.

Fighting Fraud: Detecting, Investigating, and Managing Fraud Risk

By Kerry Francis and Phebe Neely Ciulla

Having a well-scoped investigation plan in place can help an organization weather a fraud incident and maintain its reputation.

Words of Wisdom »

What Is the Risk That You Took (or Didn't Take) In Your Career That You Most Regret—or Are Most Satisfied With?

Your peers recount three moments when taking a leap of faith paid off professionally.

Sound Advice

audio 10 Lessons from the 50 Yard Line

By Shayna M. Steinfeld

Trying to balance work and home is a challenge for all professionals. Hear Shayna Steinfeld's "Ten Lessons from the 50 Yard Line" for suggestions on how to improve your life at home thus leading to a better life in the office. (14:57 min)

audio Balancing Work and Home

By Danielle Kays

Being an attorney is a full time job. Being a parent is also a full time job. Listen as Danielle Kays offers 10 tips on how to be successful at both. (14:38 min)

audio Work-Life Management

By Teresa Beck

Multitasking is a concept we are all familiar with, but it is often too difficult to actually work in our lives.  Listen as Teresa Beck offers tips and practices to help you develop or maintain a healthy balance for your life. (12:11 min) Download the Work-Life Management Dashboard


audio Closing the Gap: Steps to Achieve Gender Pay Equity in Law Firm Compensation

A discussion on specific strategies and solutions for addressing and eliminating long-standing pay disparity in compensation between male and female attorneys practicing in law firms. (47:57)

audio Yes—Lawyers Can Do Tech!

In today's world, the lawyers who succeed will be the lawyers who use technology to be better, faster, smarter and more agile. (1:01:46)


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The Woman Advocate Newsletter is seeking article proposals and authors for our upcoming Summer 2014 issue.

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Registration is now open for the ABA Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts

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