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Law360 Names Top 25 Ceiling Smashers

Read about 25 U.S.-based law firms with the highest percentage of female partners.

Challenges to Female Wages and Career Advancement

Surveyed lawyers state that greater flexibilty and a better work/life balance are priorities.

A Solution for Women Lawyers Re-Entering the Workforce

The OnRamp Fellowship Program hopes to reduce the gender disparity in leadership positions at law firms.

Articles »

As Good As It Gets: Appellate Training Through Judicial Clerkships

By Paula Mitchell

For attorneys who intend to practice appellate law, being challenged by a judge is the best training.

Boutique Appellate Practice

By Cindy Tobisman

In addition to working with people you like and respect as attorneys, you also need people with whom you can work out any business issues that arise.

Becoming an Appellate Lawyer: One Associate's Perspective

By Abbott Jones

Following this advice should go a long way in preparing you to become a successful appellate lawyer.

Words of Wisdom »

Making the Leap to the Corporate World

Discover the challenges when transitioning your career from a law firm to the corporate world.

Sound Advice

audio 10 Lessons from the 50 Yard Line

By Shayna M. Steinfeld

Trying to balance work and home is a challenge for all professionals. Hear Shayna Steinfeld's "Ten Lessons from the 50 Yard Line" for suggestions on how to improve your life at home thus leading to a better life in the office. (14:57 min)

audio Balancing Work and Home

By Danielle Kays

Being an attorney is a full time job. Being a parent is also a full time job. Listen as Danielle Kays offers 10 tips on how to be successful at both. (14:38 min)

audio Work-Life Management

By Teresa Beck

Multitasking is a concept we are all familiar with, but it is often too difficult to actually work in our lives.  Listen as Teresa Beck offers tips and practices to help you develop or maintain a healthy balance for your life. (12:11 min) Download the Work-Life Management Dashboard


audio Closing the Gap: Steps to Achieve Gender Pay Equity in Law Firm Compensation

A discussion on specific strategies and solutions for addressing and eliminating long-standing pay disparity in compensation between male and female attorneys practicing in law firms. (47:57)

audio Yes—Lawyers Can Do Tech!

In today's world, the lawyers who succeed will be the lawyers who use technology to be better, faster, smarter and more agile. (1:01:46)


SAVE THE DATE! Women's Conference: Nov. 5–7, 2014, Chicago

WAC’s program track will focus on trial advocacy and other topics of interest to female litigators.

Winter Issue of The Woman Advocate

Don't miss an inspiring four-part web series on career paths to appellate leadership, beginning March 31.

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