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News & Developments »

More Female Attorneys Score Top Rainmaker Spots

Public recognition of women lawyers could have a positive ripple effect on the careers of other women lawyers.

Lady Lawyers Lacking at the Lectern

A survey of cases in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois reveals gender disparity in the role of lead counsel.

"Just" Don't Use It

Strengthen your communication by eliminating the word "just" from your vocabulary.

Articles »

A Talk with Two Trial Lawyers on the Art of Oral Advocacy

By Lindsay Breedlove

Paula Hinton and Lucia Coyoca share their keys to success in jury trials.


What Litigators Can Learn from Actors

By Roxanna Augesen Manuel

A skilled advocate prepares, rehearses, and warms up before preforming to her audience—the jury.


Pick Me! Techniques to Uncover Juror Bias During Voir Dire

By Amy M. Stewart

Follow these tips to enhance your credibility and learn what the jury panel is really thinking.

Words of Wisdom »

What challenges should new lawyers be prepared for, and how can they best prepare for them?

Read what two women litigators think you should anticipate for.

Sharing Our Success Tips »

Check back regularly for the most recent tip!

At the November 2014 WOTSOL meeting in Chicago, WAC received several meaningful "Sharing Our Success" tips.

Sound Advice

audio Mentors vs. Sponsors

By LaKeisha Randall

Having a successful career is often achieved with the help of others. Listen as LaKeisha Randall discusses that while mentors are useful, having a sponsor is your best option for advancing your career. (8:22 min)


audio Dealing with Difficult Witnesses

By Anne Marie Seibel

Listen as Anne Marie Seibel outlines various types of difficult witnesses that you may encounter, followed by specific advice for how to best deal with each of them by assessing their personality types.


audio Work-Life Management

By Paula Hinton and Sabrina Beavens

Being successful at work can come at the expense of other parts of your life. Litigators and mothers Sabrina Beavens and Paula Hinton discuss how "managing" is the best goal for success. (9:17 min)


audio Closing the Gap: Steps to Achieve Gender Pay Equity in Law Firm Compensation

A discussion on specific strategies and solutions for addressing and eliminating long-standing pay disparity in compensation between male and female attorneys practicing in law firms. (47:57)

audio Yes—Lawyers Can Do Tech!

In today's world, the lawyers who succeed will be the lawyers who use technology to be better, faster, smarter and more agile. (1:01:46)

Announcements »

WAC's Regional Education & Networking Event a Resounding Success

More than 315 attendees in 25 locations across the country participated in the Woman Advocate Committee’s September 22 Regional Education and Networking Event.

Roundtable—Save the Date!

Please join us for our Roundtable, Tuesday, September 22, 2015, at 1:00 p.m. Eastern, "The Grit Project: True Grit and a Growth Mindset." More information.

Second Annual WOTSOL Conference in Chicago!

We are looking forward to our second annual Women of the Section of Litigation Conference in Chicago on November 11–13, 2015!

The Grit Project: True Grit and a Growth Mindset

Local hosts will review videos and then lead a discussion on how grit and mindset can be applied to various scenarios. More information.

Paying It Forward: A Special Woman Advocate Series on Community Service

In honor of Mother’s Day, The Woman Advocate proudly presents inspiring stories from remarkable women lawyers, leaders, and mothers with thriving careers, who have made community service a priority. Read more perspectives on community service in our spring newsletter.

WAC Members: We Want Your Programming Proposals for 2015 WOTSOL Meeting!

This is a great opportunity to showcase your trial skills or participate in a high-level plenary. Read more.

Seeking Authors and Article Proposals

The Woman Advocate newsletter is seeking article proposals and authors for our upcoming issue, which will have the theme "Service and Leadership." Read more.

WAC Welcomes New Web Editor Tiffany deGruy!

The Woman Advocate Committee is delighted to welcome Tiffany deGruy as a new web editor! Read more.

WAC Receives "Best E-Newsletter Award" from ABA

Congratulations to WAC's brilliant newsletter editors, Margaret Lyle, editor-in-chief; Jackie Palik; M.C. Sungaila; Gilda Turitz; and Elizabeth Timkovich! Read more.

The Woman Advocate Committee Leadership

Cochairs Newsletter Editor-in-Chief Web Editors

Sabrina Beavens

Portsmouth, NH

Beatrice O'Donnell

Philadelphia, PA

Patricia O'Prey

Norwalk, CT

Heather White

Charlotte, NC



Margaret I. Lyle

Dallas, TX


Newsletter Editors

M.C. Sungaila

Los Angeles, CA

Gilda R. Turitz

San Francisco, CA

Jackie Palik

Tampa, FL

Elizabeth T. Timkovich

Charlotte, NC

Tiffany deGruy

Birmingham, AL

Angela Turiano

New York, NY

Suzanne Jones

Minneapolis, MN