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Programs & Materials


The documents below are written materials from programs that have been sponsored by the Woman Advocate Committee or members of the committee were involved in presenting. Please note: You must be a Section of Litigation member and be logged in to access the materials.

All files are available in PDF format unless otherwise noted. (PDF)

2015 Section Annual Conference (New Orleans, LA)

Justice for Four Little Girls: The Prosecution of the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing Cases

Group Session: Lessons from the Lions of the Trial Bar (Ethics)

Dealing with Difficult Witnesses: Yours and Theirs (Ethics)

When Good Lawyers Go Bad: The Consequences of Lawyer Misconduct and Rambo Tactics During Depositions and at Trial

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2015 Corporate Counsel Committee CLE Seminar (Miami, FL)

Navigating Tough Trial Issues and Making the Hard Calls (Ethics)

Blurred Lines: When Zealousness and Nastiness Cross into Bad Ethics, Bad Business, and Bad Advocacy (Ethics)

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2014 Women of the Section of Litigation Conference (Chicago, IL)

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2014 Corporate Counsel Committee CLE Seminar (Rancho Mirage, CA)

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2014 Woman Advocate Trial Advocacy Regional CLE Workshop (San Diego, CA)

Mastering the Expert Trial Examination

Negotiation: Everywhere from the Boardroom to the Courtroom


2013 ABA Annual Meeting (San Francisco, CA)

Woman Advocates and Dispute Resolvers—Challenges and Strategies for Success

Preventing the Runaway Arbitration: From Drafting the Contract Through the Award


2013 Section of Litigation Annual CLE Conference (Chicago, IL)

Working without a Net: Walking the Tightrope of Corporate Representative Depositions

Shave, Haircut or Total Makeover: The Reality of Trial Witness Preparation

Is There a Doctor in the House? Examination and Cross-examination of Physicians Are Fact or Expert Witnesses


2013 ABA Section of Litigation Corporate Counsel CLE Seminar, February 14—17, 2013 (Hollywood, FL)

Plenary: Sex, Lies, and Backup Tape: Litigating a Spoliation Claim American Idol Style!

The ABCs of Social Media for Corporate Counsel

Courageous Counsel: Advice and Insights from Diverse Counsel About Paths to Legal and Business Leadership

Litigation Management Roundtable


ABA Annual Meeting, August 2–7, 2012, Chicago, IL


2012 Section of Litigation Annual CLE Conference (Washington, D.C.)

Plunder or Blunder: E-Discovery in the Age of Social Media—Mining for Gold and Dodging the Silver Bullet

Good Works Equals Good Business

Xavier or Magneto? Mentoring Lessons from the X-Men

Ethics Surrounding Attorney Fees: How to Agree to Them, Collect Them, Keep Them, and Persuasively Seek Them as Sanctions


2012 ABA Section of Litigation Corporate Counsel CLE Seminar, February 17-20, 2012 (Carlsbad, CA)

Forging Ahead: Charting the Course of Your In-House Legal Career


2011 ABA Annual Meeting, August 4-6, 2011 (Toronto, ON)

Shattering the Glass Ceiling:  The Myths and Realities of Law Firm Compensation


2011 ABA Section of Litigation Corporate Counsel CLE Seminar, February 1720, 2011 (Naples, FL)

Preventing the Runaway Arbitration: Practical Strategies and Solutions

Staying the Course: Overcoming Challenges over the Decades of a Legal Career