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  Woman Advocate

Words of Wisdom

What advice would you give a young lawyer who will soon participate in his or her first mediation?

Advice from four women with experience in mediation.


How can litigators identify emerging trends and generate new business from them?

Four women respond with straightforward, practical tips.


What challenges should new lawyers be prepared for, and how can they best prepare for them?

Read what two women litigators think you should anticipate for.


What Is the Risk That You Took (or Didn't Take) In Your Career That You Most Regret—or Are Most Satisfied With?

Three women lawyers offer their personal experiences.


What Are the Benefits of Giving Back Through Pro Bono?

Three women lawyers offer their personal experiences.


How Does Technology Help with Your Efforts to Achieve Work-Life Balance?

Two women lawyers offer their personal experiences.


Making the Leap to the Corporate World

Discover the challenges when transitioning your career from a law firm to the corporate world.


Getting the Best Results in an ADR Process

Two experienced advocates provide tips on representing clients in arbritration or mediation.


What Do You Wish You Had Known Before Your First Trial?

Two of your peers reflect back on their first trial experience and the surprising revelations they gleaned along the way.


What Was a Time in Your Career When Courage Made the Difference?

Two women lawyers offer personal experiences of courage.

What is the Best Career Advice You Ever Received?

Learn from a variety of personalities, but along the way figure out how to make those lessons work for you in your own way.

What Is the Most Important Choice You've Made in Your Career, and Why?

Read what women litigators think is the most important choice they've made in their careers when it comes to their families, their practices, and more. Tell us what you think.

What Is the Biggest Change You've Seen in the Courtroom, and What Changes Do You Anticipate in the Future?

A lot has changed in the courtroom in the last five years. Read what women litigators think is the biggest change they've seen and what big changes they anticipate in the next five years, and tell us what you think.

How Do You "Make It Work" When Your Life Is Filled with Competing Obligations?

As attorneys, our lives are full with competing obligations, from networking and rainmaking, family, practicing law, volunteering, and more. Read how other attorneys make it all work.

How Should an Associate Prepare to Serve as Second Chair?

The second chair must be ready and able to assume all of the responsibilities of first chair if necessary to most effectively represent clients.

What Have You Found Most Rewarding About Being a Lawyer?

Attorneys reflect on what motivates them in their practices.

What Are the Hot Issues Facing In-House Counsel Right Now?

The practice of law for corporate counsel has changed significantly in the current economic environment.