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Top Stories »

Attorney Sanctioned for Misconduct During Trial

By Angela Foster

Counsel's misrepresentation to court causes case dismissal and possible attorney fees.


Lawyer Travel for Work Enough for Personal Jurisdiction

By Robert T. Denny

Participation in out-of-state settlement for client satisfies long arm statute.

Self-Service Kiosks Can Require Consumers' Zip Codes

By Teresa Rider Bult

Ninth Circuit finds collection does not violate California consumer privacy law.


Iqbal/Twombly Plausibility Pleading Spreads

By Lisa R. Hasday

State Supreme Court adopts higher pleading standard in fiduciary duty case.

Civil Procedure »

Standing Committee Approves Proposed Rules: The Judicial Conference Is Next

By Charles S. Fax

Proposed Rule 37(e) promises to bring rationality and consistency to the developing law of spoliation.

Tips from the Trenches »

Your Opponent Can Discover Your Experts

By Maria E. Rodriguez

Case law supports routine discovery requests for consulting experts' names.

Expert Witnesses »

So You Think You're an Expert on Experts?

By Jason Elster

Test your knowledge on some of the most influential cases involving expert witnesses by taking our quiz.


Intellectual Property »

Summary Judgment on Copyright Damages: New Guidance

By Mark G. Tratos and Bethany L. Rabe

WrestleMania XXIV sparked an unexpected match: DJ Anthony Dash vs. famed champion boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Employment & Labor Relations »

The Impact of Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

By Sarah C. Matt

Medical-marijuana laws are reaching new highs.

Energy Litigation »

Five Things You Should Know about the Ohio Dormant Mineral Act

By Ariel Forbes

A guide to the law and court opinions surrounding mineral interests in the state of Ohio.