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Top Stories »

"Super Lawyers" Beware

By Lauren M. Gregory

State ethics committee cracking down on comparative attorney advertising.


Circuit Court Adopts Bright-Line Rule for Removal under CAFA

By Kristen L. Burge

Decision follows trend and seeks to eliminate ambiguity in clock-triggering event.

Law Firm Disqualified for Retaining and Using Privileged Email

By Daniel P. Elms

Failure to follow California procedures for determining privilege causes disqualification.


High Court OKs Ethics Case Based on Paralegal's Improper Use of Facebook

By Onika K. Williams

Court finds that attorneys can be prosecuted for social media investigation tactics.

Civil Procedure »

The Hole in Rule 30

By Charles S. Fax

Rule 30 lacks language concerning where a deposition should be held. Here's what to do in the absence of guidance in the rule itself.

Tips from the Trenches »

How to Deal with Clients

By Kenneth P. Nolan

It doesn't matter if your client is a sophisticated general counsel or a mug who never made it past sixth grade. They know best.

Appellate Practice »

Silly Lawyer Tricks V

By Tom Donlon

Sharing lessons from across the country with our members, reporting real mistakes made by real appellate lawyers.


Products Liability »

Pump the Brakes: Driverless Cars and Assignment of Fault

By Bojan Manojlovic

Is our current legal framework ready for the challenges of this new technology?

Commercial & Business »

The Death of Merger Litigation?

By Donald H. Tucker Jr. and Clifton L. Brinson

Recent Delaware decisions and novel corporate bylaws may rein in—but won't eliminate—merger lawsuits.

Diversity & Inclusion »

Six Stark Predictions about Diversity and Inclusion for 2020 and Beyond

By Robert K. Dixon

Diversity efforts in law have been beneficial. But where is the room for improvement?