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Document Retention Policy Is No Excuse for Discovery Noncompliance

By Angela Foster

"Death penalty" discovery sanctions issued for repeated contempt of discovery orders.


When Following One's Convictions Means Failing to Convict

By Katerina E. Milenkovski

Is it a problem when jurors introduce their own theories into a case?

Red Bull Class Settlement Flies Despite Dilution of Class Recovery

By Onika K. Williams

Court approves a class action settlement with payout cap and ascertainability issues.


Borrowers May Collect Attorney Fees after Preliminary Injunction

By Pamela Sakowicz Menaker

Permanent injunction not required for prevailing plaintiff to collect under California law.

Civil Procedure »

Supreme Court Reminds Bar of Limits on Counsel's Duty to the Client

By Charles S. Fax

What happens when counsel dictates a petition and counsel signs it?

Tips from the Trenches »

How to Wow

By Nancy Scott Degan

Ten tips for becoming the litigator everyone listens to at meetings.

Appellate Practice »

Effective Oral Argument and Reflections on the Roberts Court

By Stephen Feldman and Lance Curry

The Appellate Practice Committee recently presented three CLE programs discussing these topics.


Technology for the Litigator »

Attorneys, Beware! Six Technology Traps to Avoid

By John F. O'Rourke and Trevor Roberts

When it comes to making mistakes with modern technology, prevention may be the only cure.

Business Torts & Unfair Competition »

How to Use the Rule 26(f) Conference to Avoid Data Dumps

By Kelly A. Frye

Courts have uniformly disapproved litigators drowning opposing counsel in useless data.

Woman Advocate »

What Litigators Can Learn from Actors

By Roxanna Augesen Manuel

A skilled advocate prepares, rehearses, and warms up before preforming to her audience—the jury.