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Top Stories »

Attorney’s Minimal Deportation Warning Sufficient

By Candice A. Garcia-Rodrigo

Court approves attorney's warning that criminal plea could result in deportation.


Circuit Split Creates Data Protection Uncertainty

By Kristen L. Burge

Interpreting "electronic storage" proves difficult in the face of evolving technology.

Airplane Suits Removable under Admiralty Jurisdiction

By Onika K. Williams

Federal court equates airplane to a ship because the plane, prior to crashing, flew over the sea.


Ethics Opinion Provides Guidance for Local Counsel Representation

By Cynthia Ford

Limited local counsel representation agreements may not also curtail ethical obligations.

Civil Procedure »

Serial Abuse of Discovery Rules Warrants Disbarment

By Charles S. Fax

Attorney disbarred after serial misconduct over a protracted period of time.

Tips from the Trenches »

A Primer on the Finality of Decisions for Appeal

By Brian C. Walsh

An examination of the main strands of the law of finality and appealability, including some recent Supreme Court developments.

Appellate Practice »

Silly Lawyer Tricks

By Tom Donlon

Real mistakes made by real appellate lawyers, frequently with disastrous results for their clients.


Young Advocates »

Preparing for Your First Trial

By David Dobin

Two comprehensive checklists to make the experience less daunting.

Corporate Counsel »

Practical Antitrust Issues Involving Trade Associations

By Matthew J. Bester and Creighton J. Macy

A guide to antitrust issues, concerns, and considerations to be addressed before an executive in your company attends a trade association meeting.

Insurance Coverage »

"Waiving" Goodbye to Coverage Defenses

By Seth M. Friedman and Christopher C. Meeks

An analysis of the state of the law concerning denials of coverage and the recent expansion of the waiver doctrine in Georgia.