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Top Stories »

Discovery Abuse Warrants Informing Jury of Misconduct

By Ian S. Clement

Courts explore alternatives to monetary sanctions.


Court Abused Discretion by Not Considering Sanctions Request

By Oran F. Whiting

Even absent a formal motion, courts must address claims of vexatious conduct.

Securities Fraud Plaintiff Need Not Show Reliance

By Natasha Saggar Sheth

Plaintiff can claim losses from stock acquired before false financials filed.


Court Weighs Procedural Safeguards for Audio Playbacks to Jury

By Renee Choy Ohlendorf

Circuits split on whether audio tapes may be replayed to jury in defendants' absence.

Civil Procedure »

Proposed Changes to Federal Rules Prompt Pushback

By Charles S. Fax

The Civil Rules Advisory Committee, in response to criticisms, withdrew some of its recommendations for changes to the Federal Rules.

Tips from the Trenches »

Winning a Motion

By Kenneth P. Nolan

Motions have become more important due to the increasing number of cases that settle. Here are some tips for handling them.

Technology for the Litigator »

Improving Google Searches with Advanced Queries

By Jason Briody

The search box the world uses to find information has a few powerful secrets up its sleeve.


Bankruptcy & Insolvency »

Compelling Arbitration in an Adversary Proceeding

By Laurance J. Warco

More and more bankruptcy and district courts have compelled arbitration against debtors or their trustees.

Mass Torts »

Attempts to Outsmart the FDA Could Lead to Mass Torts

By Deborah L. Shuff

Learn from the mistakes of Valor Medical.

Minority Trial Lawyer »

Cross-Examining Snitches

By Carlos F. Gonzalez

Some rules for effectively questioning snitches.