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Top Stories »

Hearsay Evidence Should Be Weighed for Preliminary Injunctions

By Theresa A. Vitello

Court abused its discretion by not considering declarations, appellate court finds.


Officer's Residence Decides Corporate Citizenship

By Candice A. Garcia-Rodrigo

Circuit court applies Supreme Court's nerve center test for principal place of business.

Head E-filing Ineptitude Results in Suspension and Censure

By Matthew S. Mulqueen

Non-compliance with court orders to acquire technological proficiency leads to discipline.


Supervisors May Be Subject to Personal Liability under FMLA

By Adam E. Lyons

Appellate court expands scope of FMLA liability to individual supervisors.

Civil Procedure »

The Hole in Rule 30

By Charles S. Fax

Rule 30 lacks language concerning where a deposition should be held. Here's what to do in the absence of guidance in the rule itself.

Tips from the Trenches »

I'm a Lawyer, Not a Fighter: Conquering Lawyer Bullies

By Kelley Barnett

These tips will help you conquer the lawyer bully: one who preys on younger or less experienced lawyers.

Class Actions & Derivative Suits »

Class Actions 101: How I Began My Practice

By Emily J. Kirk

Our area of litigation is a rewarding practice for attorneys on both sides of the "v."


Young Advocates »

The Truth I Never Knew about Direct and Cross-Examinations

By Jason Brenner

Keep the principles of preparation, controlling your case, and working every case as if it is going to trial at the forefront of your mind.

Mass Torts »

Picking Up the Pieces: Litigating after the Big Daubert Ruling

By Joe Winebrenner and Jeff Wojciechowski

Litigants on both sides of the bar have a variety of options.

Civil Rights »

OFCCP Issues First Updates to Sex Discrimination Guidelines Since 1970

By David Gevertz

The updates address compensation discrimination, harassment, accommodations for pregnant workers, gender-identity bias, and family caregiving responsibilities, and more.