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Top Stories »

Supervisors May Be Subject to Personal Liability under FMLA

By Adam E. Lyons

Appellate court expands scope of FMLA liability to individual supervisors.


Expert Opinion Insufficient for Establishing Causation of Damages

By Catherine M. Chiccine

Speculative expert testimony cannot establish that conflict of interest caused damages.

Judge Restricts Lawyers from Researching Jurors Online

By Carl A. Aveni

Disclose extent of research to venire or don't do it at all, judge says.


Evidence Lacking in False Claims Act Suit

By Sara E. Costello

A difference of opinion among physicians does not establish fraud.

Civil Procedure »

The Hole in Rule 30

By Charles S. Fax

Rule 30 lacks language concerning where a deposition should be held. Here's what to do in the absence of guidance in the rule itself.

Tips from the Trenches »

Seven Tips on How to Behave in Court

By Steven A. Weiss

Most of us remember something that happened the first (or maybe second or third) time we appeared in court that would not have happened had we been a little more experienced.

Appellate Practice »

Silly Lawyer Tricks IV

By Tom Donlon

The latest column in our continuing series on real mistakes by real lawyers on appeal.


Business Torts »

The Talk about Shell Companies

By Emily Lehmberg

The Panama Papers leak has brought attention to the role of lawyers in moving money offshore.

Energy »

Trying the High-Risk Case for a Corporate Energy Client

By Stephen M. Fernelius

Recommendations for both inside and outside counsel.

Environmental »

The Courts Move at Lightning Speed Toward a Decision on the EPA's Clean Power Plan

By Aaron M. Flynn

An update on the litigation in the D.C. Circuit and the U.S. Supreme Court.