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Top Stories »

Email Notification Insufficient under FMLA, Says District Court

By Erin Louise Palmer

Employers face uncertainty in seeking to satisfy FMLA notice provisions.


Employee's Arbitration Agreement Void Due to Lack of Consideration

By Joseph Callanan

Continued at-will employment and revocable promise to arbitrate insufficient consideration.

"Astronomically High" Expert Fees Stricken

By Lauren M. Gregory

Proactive measures are essential to avoid costly expert fee disputes.


Court Eases Requirements to Plead Securities Fraud Claims

By Andrew J. Kennedy

Fifth Circuit holds that partial company disclosures can cumulatively show causation.

Civil Procedure »

Outside-the-Box Sanctions Imposed for Abusive Defense of Deposition

By Charles S. Fax

Judge imposes sanctions after meticulous application of rules.

Tips from the Trenches »

Top Ten First Trial Mistakes

By Kelley Barnett

The author shares common traps for litigators hoping to ace their first trial.

Pretrial Practice & Discovery »

Changes to FRCP 45 Substantially Alter Federal Subpoena Practice

By Steven C. Corhern

The 2013 amendments changed the requirements for issuing, serving, and opposing a domestic federal subpoena.


Criminal Litigation »

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act 101

By Felicia C. Quentzel

A basic guide to the provisions of the FCPA and how it is enforced.

Health Law Litigation »

The Growing Threat of Qui Tam Litigation Against Healthcare Providers

By Amandeep S. Sidhu

The ACA ushered in four changes that are favorable to relators and could add risk exposure to providers.

Woman Advocate »

How To Successfully Transition to an In-House Position

By Michele Bradley and Susan B. Cassidy

Considering a switch to an in-house position? Let this guide prepare you for your move.