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Top Stories »

Energy Markets Exempted from Price Manipulation Claims

By Catherine R. McLeod

District court dismisses Commodity Exchange Act claim, citing CFTC order.


Delaware Rapid Arbitration Act Promises Speedy Arbitrations

By Henry R. Chalmers

If awards are not issued within 120 days, arbitrators face fee reductions.

Plaintiff Must Prove Service on Motion to Vacate Default Judgment

By Erin Louise Palmer

Despite receipts, million-dollar judgment vacated after defendants deny knowledge of suit.


Law Firm Mistakenly Wipes Out Security for $1.5 Billion Loan

By Andrew J. Kennedy

Court finds intent to release security interest is not required under the UCC.

Civil Procedure »

Qualcomm Lives! Lawyers Beware

By Charles S. Fax

Judges should proceed carefully when considering arguable misconduct by lawyers under Rule 26(g).

Tips from the Trenches »

Social Media: #RealDiscovery

By William Hamilton

Social media evidence has arrived. Here are four principles for social media e-discovery.

Pretrial Practice & Discovery »

Why I Love Rule 36, and Why You Should Too

By Fitzgerald T. Bramwell

Requests to admit are the Rodney Dangerfield of pretrial procedure: They get no respect.


Woman Advocate »

Grit, Growth Mindset, and Being a Great Trial Lawyer

By Katherine M. Larkin-Wong

The Honorable Mark W. Bennett discusses how grit and growth mindset work for litigators and why he supports the ABA's Grit Project.

Employment & Labor Relations Law »

An Update on Supreme Court Labor and Employment Cases

By Damien Munsinger

A brief breakdown of the top decisions and cases granted certiorari that all labor and employment lawyers should be aware of.

Mass Torts »

The Evolution of the Common Benefit Order

By Karen Woodward and Matthew A. Reed

The scope of CBOs has broadened significantly in recent years, imposing more and more burdens on defendants.