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Top Stories »

Attorney's Lien Extends to E-Discovery Database

By Lisa R. Hasday

State appellate court finds law firm had possession because it directed work.


Court Strikes Florida Rule Preventing Advertising of Past Results

By Pamela Sakowicz Menaker

District court decision follows trend allowing attorneys to advertise past results.

Widely Shared Antitrust Compliance Policy Ordered Disclosed

By Joseph Callanan

Internal distribution is insufficient to protect privilege.


Mandamus Ruling Vacates New Trial Order

By Ian S. Clement

Failure to prove jury misconduct leads court to overturn grant of new trial.

Civil Procedure »

Qualcomm Lives! Lawyers Beware

By Charles S. Fax

Judges should proceed carefully when considering arguable misconduct by lawyers under Rule 26(g).

Tips from the Trenches »

Political Cover and Consulting Experts

By Maria E. Rodriguez

A consulting expert can help you get the information you need in order to give your client sound advice.

Appellate Practice »

Rule 54(b): Have the Courts Been Getting It Wrong?

By Conor Dugan

Attorneys need to take steps to protect their clients against the potential misreading of Rule 54(b).


Young Advocates »

The Nuts and Bolts of Your First Investigation

By Justin L. Heather

An overview for young lawyers of the differences between litigation and investigations.

Criminal »

The Serial Comma in Interpreting Criminal Statutes

By Kele Onyejekwe

The placement of a comma can be critical in a criminal statute.

Ethics & Professionalism »

Ethics Considerations for Attorneys Serving on Nonprofit Boards

By Dan Ebner

Attorneys are often attractive candidates for nonprofit boards, but serving on a board has risks.