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Top Stories »

New York Bar Issues Social Media Guidelines

By Erin Louise Palmer

Rules seek to balance business and ethical concerns.


Webpage Held Not Self-Authenticating

By Ian S. Clement

Court refuses to consider statements in party's unauthenticated webpage.

Misleading Discovery Response Results in New Trial

By Natasha Saggar Sheth

Extraordinary retrial motion granted two years after jury verdict.


Adverse Rulings Insufficient to Show Judicial Bias

By Jannis E. Goodnow

Standard for recusal remains a high hurdle to overcome.

Civil Procedure »

Proposed Changes to Federal Rules Prompt Pushback

By Charles S. Fax

The Civil Rules Advisory Committee, in response to criticisms, withdrew some of its recommendations for changes to the Federal Rules.

Tips from the Trenches »

Securing Your Data in a World of Remote Access

By Frank Sommers

This overview of privacy and technology policies may help firms avoid malpractice charges.


Arbitrating Arbitrability with Nonsignatories

By Tom Alan Cunningham

Who decides arbitration's gateway questions when a party to the arbitration is not a party to the contract?


Employment & Labor Relations »

Hacking, Wiretapping, and Other Misdeeds as "Protected Activity"

By Kevin J. O'Connor

Disciplinary decisions should be made only with the assistance of qualified legal counsel.

Corporate Counsel »

A Brief Guide to Removal

By Matthew M.K. Stein

Removing a case to federal court is a technical and detail-oriented process.

Construction »

New AAA Rules Provide Straightforward Guidelines for Appeals

By Richard H. Steen

New rules are easier for clients who wish to appeal an arbitration award.