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Top Stories »

Shareholder Loses Discrimination Claim and Ordered to Pay Fees

By Douglas E. Motzenbecker

Attorney fee award for frivolous legal arguments questioned.


Insurance Policy's Litigation Exclusion Bars Coverage for Sealed Litigation

By Pamela Sakowicz Menaker

Insurance coverage barred despite three year delay in serving complaint on defendants.

Discovery Responsibilities: Separate but Not Equal

By Angela Foster

Defendant must produce archived email even if plaintiff cannot do the same.


Growing Divide over Class Action Tolling under American Pipe

By Renee Choy Ohlendorf

Class members who opt out prior to class certification decision do not forfeit tolling.

Civil Procedure »

Outside-the-Box Sanctions Imposed for Abusive Defense of Deposition

By Charles S. Fax

Judge imposes sanctions after meticulous application of rules.

Tips from the Trenches »

How to Protect Data from Uncle Sam

By Sharon D. Nelson and John W. Simek

At least once a week we are reminded that law firms' cybersecurity is at risk.

Trial Evidence »

What a Trial Lawyer Needs from a Deposition

By Kristine K. Meredith

To elicit testimony that will be useful at trial, let the witness tell the story in his or her own words.


Intellectual Property »

Unpaid Royalties on Pre-1972 Recordings: Mony Mony!

By Michele M. Riley and Erich Kirr

Owners of pre-1972 recordings may turn to state law to collect unpaid royalties.

Real Estate Litigation »

The Best Smartphone Apps for Young Real Estate Attorneys

By Lisa Liebherr

Make your life and job easier with these handy downloads.

Children's Rights »

Social Media: Children's Lawyer's Friend and Foe

By Jennifer Baum and Sarah N. Fox

Attorneys must familiarize themselves with the basics and risks of social media.