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Top Stories »

Attorneys' Online Comments Can Lead to Positional Conflicts

By Amy Mattson

D.C. ethics committee urges caution when expressing views on social media.


Court Rejects Black Letter Numerical Limit on Interrogatories

By Theresa A. Vitello

Court adopts "related question approach" in requiring party to answer discrete subparts.

Rule 26(b)(1) Proportionality Requirement No Paper Tiger

By Jamison L. Barkley

Focus on proportionality and forget "reasonably calculated," court says.


Automatic Disbarment: A Sobering Reality for Convicted Attorneys

By Kristen L. Burge

DWI felony conviction in another jurisdiction triggers instant disbarment.

Civil Procedure »

What Can You Disclose in Moving to Withdraw as Counsel?

By Charles S. Fax

Lawyers must evaluate how much they can disclose to the court, and then risk denial of the motion, or a grievance from the client, if they say too little or too much.

Tips from the Trenches »

Be Not Afraid

By Kenneth P. Nolan

Ego prevents good lawyers from becoming great.

Class Actions & Derivative Suits »

Clarifying Cooperation under Rule 1: A Command or a Recommendation?

By Kathryn Honecker and Jonathan Udell

At least one district court has threatened to sanction counsel who do not cooperate.


Products Liability »

The Internet of Things: "The Next Big Thing" for Products Litigation

By Samuel L. Felker

The brave new world of the IoT across several product lines—home devices, automobiles, and medical devices.

Mass Torts »

Strategies for Early Dismissal of Meritless Cases

By Maxwell Herman

Why leaving them for the judge to deal with can be a bad idea.

Young Advocates »

10 Tips: How to Draft Federal Court Complaints

By Stewart Edelstein

Drafting properly is the sine qua non for achieving your client's objectives in litigation.