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Litigation News

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Spring 2012, Volume 37, Number 3

Litigation News - Spring 2012Features

Judicial Notice of Internet-Sourced Facts

By Jonathan B. Stepanian

Cash & Judicial Elections: A Dangerous Mix?

By Jesyca Westbrook-Pettes

Mooting the Class

By John W. Joyce



Struggles in the Legal World

Keeping Watch

Developments in the Federal Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches

Posted & Noted

Sightings from the Blogosphere

News & Analysis

What's Hot

New Developments in Committees & Practice Areas


Practice Points / Voir Dire: Don't Let the Judge Cut You Out

By Hon. Mark A. Drummond

From the Committees / U.S. v. Jones Leaves Important Digital Privacy Questions Unanswered

By Nicole Jacoby

Civil Procedure / A Modest Proposal: Discard Spoliation Sanctions

By Charles S. Fax

Civil Procedure / Party Relieved from Agreement to Review 95 Million Pages

By Brian A. Zemil


Voir Dire: Know the Territory and Don't Be Afraid to Ask

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