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Spring 2015, Volume 40, Number 3

Litigation News - Fall 2014Features

Over-Inclusive Confidentiality Designation Backfires

By Katerina E. Milenkovski

Target Hit with Putative Class Action in Massive Data Breach

By Theresa A. Vitello

Voluntary Dismissal after TRO Does Not Save Plaintiff's Security

By Onika K. Williams



Struggles in the Legal World

Keeping Watch

Developments in the Federal Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches

Posted & Noted

Sightings from the Blogosphere

News & Analysis

What's Hot

New Developments in Committees and Practice Areas


Practice Points / Is Technology Changing Our Brains?

By Mark A. Drummond

Civil Procedure Update / Qualcomm Lives! Lawyers Beware

By Charles S. Fax

Civil Procedure Update / Statutory Cite Not Required for Federal Civil Rights Complaint

By Daniel P. Elms

Book Review / Essential Reading on Cross-Examination

By Charles S. Fax


How to Plead a Nationwide Data Breach Class Action That Can Survive a Motion to Dismiss

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