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Winter 2013, Volume 38, Number 2

Litigation News - Winter 2013Features

Trend Continues for Personal Injury Damage Caps

By Caitlin Haney

Data Breach Caseload: About to Blow?

By Henry R. Chalmers

Private Arbitrations Ruled Unconstitutional

By John W. Joyce



Struggles in the Legal World

Keeping Watch

Developments in the Federal Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches

Posted & Noted

Sightings from the Blogosphere

News & Analysis

What's Hot

New Developments in Committees & Practice Areas


Practice Points / How About a Free Shadow Jury? Inside the Juror's Mind

By Hon. Mark A. Drummond

Civil Procedure Update / Federal Spoliation Rule Moves Forward

By Charles S. Fax

Civil Procedure / Discovery of Facebook Posts No Longer a Given

By Andrew J. Kennedy

Book Review / Fifty-State Survey Provides Rudder on State Class Action Law

By Kelso L. Anderson


Data Security Breaches: Strategies for Meeting the Crisis

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