ABA TECHSHOW® 2004 Recap

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Creating an Electronic Closing Binder
by Nancy Grekin
April 2004

What You Will Need:

· Adobe Acrobat (Full version – not Adobe Reader)
· Scanner
· Autorun Program such as Autorun Wizard
· CD-RW drive and software to create labels

What You Will Do:

· Create an index in a word processor
· Graphics can be included

    · Click on Insert/Picture/From File (or other source)
    · Right click on image to format size
    · Click and drag image to desired position

· Print the index to Adobe Distiller to create a PDF version
· Open the Index in Adobe Acrobat and create Internet links and/or links to the documents listed in the index
· Create an Autoun file so that the index opens when the CD is inserted in the drive

Create An Index

Insert a picture or other graphics in the index: Insert/Picture/From File

Type the index

Format the Index in Adobe Acrobat With Hyperlinks To the Documents

Create An Internet Link. Click on the Link Tool A crosshair “+” will appear. Drag it around the area you want to be a link. When you release the mouse, the Link Properties dialog box appears. Select “Invisible Rectangle” for type “Wide Web Link” as the “Action.” The “Enter a URL for this link” dialog will appear. Enter the URL and click on “Set Link” then OK.

Create Document Links. All documents to be linked from the index should be in the same directory. Click on the “Link” tool. A crosshair “+” will appear. Drag it around the words you want to be the link and release the mouse. The Link Properties dialog box will open. Select “Invisible Rectangle” for Type and “Open File” for Action. Click on “Select File” and a file open dialog will open. Scroll to the file you want to open and click “Set Link” and OK.

Insert Scanned Signed Pages in the Documents

Print all documents to go to the CD to PDF before execution. Pagination is printer dependent so documents to be e-mailed for execution will have different pagination if printed on different printers but will be the same no matter where printed if in image format.
Delete the unsigned signature pages from the original PDF document by selecting “Thumbnails” and right clicking on the page to be deleted. Select “Delete pages” and hit enter. The page will be deleted.

Insert the Signed Pages in the Document. Scan the signed pages and save as a PDF file. Open the document in which you want to insert the pages in Adobe, click on “Thumbnails”. Right click on the page after which you want to insert the pages and click on “Insert Pages.” A file open dialog box will appear. Click on the file you want to insert and OK. A dialog box will appear asking if you want to insert the pages before or after. Select “After” and OK.

Create the CD

Create the Autorun Files using Autorun Wizard or similar product.

    Specify the Base Folder. Put all of your documents to go on the CD in this folder including the autorun executable and related files. Click on the yellow folder to the right of the window and a file open dialog box will open. Scroll to the directory where the documents are located and click OK.

    Select the File to Launch. Click Autolaunch and “Launch a File Located on the CD-ROM” and specify the name of the file to launch when the CD is inserted the drive.

    Save the autorun files to the same directory as the documents to go to the CD

    Copy all of the files in the directory including the 3 autorun files you created to your CD and your CD will autorun the index

    Create CD labels

Nancy Grekin was awarded her B.B.A., With High Distinction, from The University of Michigan in 1969, and her J.D. magna cum laude, from The University of Michigan, and is a partner of McCorriston Miller Mukai MacKinnon in Honolulu. She practices in the areas of transactional real estate, ground and space leasing, 1031 exchanges, commercial and secured transactions, and general business counseling. She is listed in the Best Lawyers in America, is an active member of the Board of the Real Estate and Financial Services Section of the Hawaii State Bar Association, served as editor of its quarterly newsletter in 1993, was the 1994 Chair of the Section and created and maintains its Web site at http://www.rpfss.org/