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Scouring the Internet for Computer Forensics Resources
by Dennis Kennedy
June 2005

Computer forensics certainly can seem like the most esoteric of sciences and the realm of the cognoscenti. However, lawyers and judges must get a reasonable understanding of the language, tools, processes and issues involved in computer forensics to conduct and manage electronic discovery in 2005 and beyond.

Because we are not likely to see a television series called CSI: Computer Forensics or CSI: Electronic Discovery, the Internet will be your best place to get solid information about computer forensics. This month’s column gives you some great places to start or continue your education about computer forensics.

Computer Forensics for Lawyers Who Can't Set the Clock on Their VCR
Craig Ball’s excellent introduction to computer forensics concepts and issues for lawyers.

Sensei Enterprise’s List of Computer Forensic Resources
Includes links to Sharon Nelson and John Simek’s excellent articles and other computer forensics resources.

Computer Forensics, Inc.’s Resource Center
This excellent collection includes links to articles, recent cases and other useful resources.

A comprehensive one-stop site for electronic discovery issues, with lots of articles, webinars and other resources.

CERIAS Digital Forensics Resources
The Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security (CERIAS) is one of the world's leading centers for research and education in areas of information security and this page links to useful and authoritative resources.

Computer Forensics World
Resources from a community of computer forensics professionals.

Electronic Evidence Information Center
Big list of alphabetically arranged computer forensics articles and resources.’s Computer Forensics, Cybercrime and Steganography Resources
Another large list of computer forensics resources.

Alex Geschonneck’s Resources Site
Another good, comprehensive list.

Lunda Wright’s Research Blog
Blog covers forensics and electronic evidence issues.

Wayne's Forensics and Incident Response Resources
Good list of technical resources.

NCWC Computer Forensics Resources List
Huge list of computer forensics resources assembled for a computer forensics course at the Justice Studies Dept. of NC Wesleyan College and Guilford College in Greensboro, NC by Tom O’Connor. Also links to course syllabus and online lectures.

Dennis Kennedy ( practices information technology transactions law and provides legal technology consulting services. A frequent speaker and an award-winning author, he covers law and technology topics on his blog ( He is a member of the ABA Law Practice Management Section's Council, Webzine Board and TECHSHOW 2005 Board.