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Marketing Blogs
by Tom Mighell
November 2004

In last year's Law Practice Today Marketing issue, Dennis Kennedy featured "An Amazing Amount of Free Marketing Help -- Ten Great Legal Marketing Resources." A year later, those links are still great—they represent some of the best free legal marketing resources on the Internet.

So this month I’m going to do something a little different—instead of covering mainstream websites on the topic of marketing, I thought I would focus on marketing weblogs or blogs. Public relations and marketing experts who publish a blog are able to instantly post fresh and interesting information on the topic, and publish it to a potentially huge audience via an RSS feed. Blogs are therefore coming into their own as reliable sources of information. Herewith begins the list of marketing blogs, legal and otherwise.

Professional Marketing Blog ( – considered by some to be the blog companion to Larry Bodine's terrific LawMarketing Portal. Larry regularly posts "news, opinions, and insights into professional marketing," primarily from the legal marketing point of view.

Micro Persuasion ( – for those of you who understand that blogs are a terrific way to market your practice, Steve Rubel's blog is for you. Here he discusses, in the context of journalism, how blogs are impacting the practice of public relations. In addition to the requisite RSS feed, Steve offers a free e-mail digest of all the content posted to his blog.

Legal Marketing by Andy Havens ( – Andy is the co-founder of Sanestorm, a marketing company. His blog discusses "serious marketing for law firms and law marketers," and he publishes posts in such categories as Advertising, Culture & Attitude, Public Relations, and Profitability.

Both Lipsticking ( and WonderBranding ( are blogs providing marketing information to women. Each author provides useful and often humorous insight into marketing issues that particularly affect businesswomen and female entrepreneurs.

Making Ads Work ( is an Australian blog presented by the “Wizard of Ads,” which includes Roy H. Williams, Craig Arthur, and others. Although the blog is from Down Under, the marketing ideas and tips presented here are universal. The wizards here give away a lot of free marketing and public relations resources, so take advantage of this site.

Real Lawyers Have Blogs ( – Kevin O’Keefe discovered awhile back that blogs are a terrific tool for marketing a lawyer’s practice, and he set out to help lawyers create their own blogs. In this blog he continues to reinforce those beliefs, that blogs can enhance a lawyer’s presence on the Internet, and at the same time deliver content that is of value to clients as well as other lawyers.

Customer Intelligence (CI) ( – part of the terrific Corante group of blogs, CI is published by marketing expert Britton Manasco. The blog explores “how enterprises are capitalizing on customer insight to build powerful, profitable, and enduring relationships.” Another customer-oriented blog is

Customer Evangelist ( from Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba. The blog comes with two taglines: “How Loyal Customers Become a Volunteer Sales Force,” and the more-to-the-point “How to live in customer heaven or rot in customer hell.”

PR Opinions ( is hosted by Tom Murphy, and features thoughts and opinions on the public relations profession and industry. Tom’s blog also has an impressive listing of other public relations blogs in the sidebar

The Marketing Attorney Blog ( – Micah Buchdahl is a law marketing professional, as well as the chair of the Practice Marketing Core Group of the Law Practice Management section. His blog offers “a forum for attorney business development advice and discussion,” and he also answers your questions on the site.

Interested in the concept of branding? So are bloggers. There are a number of branding sites in the blogosphere, including What’s Your Brand Mantra? (, Brand Autopsy (, and The Origin of Brands Blog ( And there are more. Just check out the blogrolls of these folks for additional branding blogs.

Finally, Ageless Marketing ( is penned by David Wolfe, is meant to be a “journal about ideas, people, and events in the Marketing Revolution.” You’ll find some very thoughtful posts here, as well as video clips and book excerpts.

Marketing is a very broad topic, and I bet for every marketing sub-topic there’s a blog that discusses it. The sites listed here are a good start, but don’t stop there—check out the other marketing blogs listed by these bloggers. It could be the start of a beautiful blog relationship.

Tom Mighell is an attorney with Cowles & Thompson in Dallas, Texas. He is a frequent speaker on the Internet and personal technology, and provides consulting on personal technology issues. He is the publisher of the Internet Legal Research Weekly, which can be found on his weblog, Inter Alia, at