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Year after year, without exception, the 60 Tips in 60 Minutes presentation is one of the most popular sessions at ABA TECHSHOW. Why? Quite simply because there is no better place to learn dozens of practical tips and tricks for getting things done better, faster and cheaper. This fast-paced session covers everything from gadgets, to software and hardware, the Web, practice management, malpractice claims prevention and more.

This year's experienced panel of tipsters includes Laura Calloway of the Alabama State Bar Association; Ellen Freedman Pennsylvania Bar Association; Reid Trautz of the District of Columbia Bar Association; Dan Pinnington from the Lawyers' Professional Indemnity Company. This panel brings the wisdom and insights gained from helping thousands of lawyers do more with technology.

Come to this session to gain the benefit of their best tips and tricks. You will not be disappointed. True to the session title, the presentation will cover 60 tips! To whet your appetite, here is a small teaser of the tips that will be covered:

#1 - Free Training from Microsoft

Set aside time to take a free on-line training course to improve your skills on Microsoft Office:

#2 - Look it up at

Are you always getting e-mail messages with puzzling acronyms like IMHO, AAMOI and LMAO. What are these people talking about? If you’d rather not show your ignorance, go to Not only will you find a good working definition of all this confusing alphabet soup, but you’ll find information about “internet only” books and something called the web coloring book, which lets you try out different combinations of text and background until you find something that will look good for your own web site.

#3 - The Best Free On-Line Clip Art

There are thousands of sites on the Internet that offer free and pay clip art. While there is some good content in those sites, many force you to deal with large amounts of advertising and pop-ups. The best source of free on-line clip art photos, animations and sounds, bar none, is the Microsoft Office Online Clip Art and Media page. It has thousands of free images and media files, which you can very easily search by key words and topics.

The licensing agreement for the site provides that you can freely re-produce the images as you wish without having to worry about copyright or royalties. See this page at

#4 - How to be a better geek

For those of you who wish to learn more about technology generally, consider getting a subscription to the Smart Computing Magazine ( It is a great magazine that has helpful and practical content, including product reviews and educational content that come on all sorts of hardware and software and other electronics, including digital cameras. Law Office Computing magazine ( is fabulous for content that specifically focuses on technology products that are specifically aimed at the legal market. It contains advice for people at all technology skill levels.

For more info on ABA TECHSHOW 2005, see

Dan Pinnington ( works for the Lawyers' Professional Indemnity Company ( to help the 20,000 practising lawyers in Ontario avoid malpractice claims. He speaks and writes frequently on a variety of risk management and legal technology topics. Through practicePRO ( he provides Ontario lawyers with practical how-to resources aimed at helping them succeed in the practice of law.