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2011 Midyear Meeting: Atlanta, GA


Wednesday, February 9

NABE Plenary Session: Future of the Legal Profession
Note: very large file; may take a while to download

This plenary session will lay the groundwork for a yearlong discussion about how bar associations can work with others to deal with the challenges that the legal profession is facing.

SPEAKERS | Thomas Lyons, Providence, RI, Past President, Rhode Island Bar Association | Frederic S. Ury, Fairfield, CT, Past President, Connecticut Bar Association, NCBP President-elect, and Member, ABA Commission on Ethics 20/20

Track Program 2A: Killing The Dead-Tree Edition: Print in the Digital Age
How do you make the right decision about whether — and if so, when — to kill your dead-tree edition magazine and make the leap to digital only? And how can you create a full-featured digital edition even as you’re keeping print alive? Leading bar communicators give practical advice.

MODERATOR | Dan Wise, Concord, NH, Communications Director and Bar News Editor, New Hampshire Bar Association

PANELISTS | David Beam, Chicago, IL, Publications Director, Chicago Bar Association | Angela Brady, Atlanta, GA, Senior Consultant, Stratton Publishing | Joyce Hastings, Madison, WI, Director of Publications, State Bar of Wisconsin

Track Program 2B: PCI Compliance...Hear From the Experts
Learn the basics of PCI Compliance, what it is, who to go to for help, and what you should be doing to comply with these federal regulations and protect your members’ personal information.

SPEAKER | Amy Airhart, Austin, TX, PCI Manager, Affiniscape, Inc.

Track Program 2C: Base Camp … Boot Camp — A Tool You’re Probably Not Yet Using
With this in-depth, non-geek approach, learn how you can use Base Camp to plan your next annual meeting, organize a CLE, collaboratively produce a newsletter and much more.

MODERATOR | Matthew J. Ridgely, Miami, FL, Executive Director, Dade County Bar Association

PANELISTS | Erik Mazzone, Chapel Hill, NC, Director, Center for Practice Management, North Carolina Bar Association | Whitney von Haam, Raleigh, NC, Executive Director, Wake County Bar Association

Track Program 3A: 20/20 Vision – The Relevance of Bar Associations in the Year 2020
Yogi Berra couldn’t have said it better: The future is ahead of us. In order to successfully chart a course for the future, you have to envision the social, political, technological and economic trends that impact what bar associations do.

MODERATOR | Elizabeth Derrico, Chicago, IL, Associate Director, Division for Bar Services, American Bar Association

PANELISTS | Allan Head, Cary NC, Executive Director, North Carolina Bar Association | Jill Snitcher McQuain, Columbus, OH, Executive Director, Columbus Bar Association

Track Program 3B: Staff Development - How to Make It Happen While Facing Time and Financial Shortfalls
Bar executives want to make sure their staff members have opportunities to grow as professionals. When there’s little money, and even less time, how can executives make this happen?

SPEAKERS | Mary F. Etter, New Britain, CT, Director of Operations, Connecticut Bar Association | Ashley Mills, Cary, NC, Human Resources Director, North Carolina Bar Association

Track Program 3C: To Tweet or NOT to Tweet - Which Social Media Vehicles are Appropriate for Which Messages
This timely program will help you differentiate popular social media vehicles in order to choose the right platforms for the right news, activities and promotions.

MODERATOR | Bonnie Sashin, APR, Boston, MA, Communications Director, Boston Bar Association

PANELISTS | Toby Bloomberg, Atlanta, GA, President, Bloomberg Marketing | Bert Dumars, Atlanta, GA, VP E-Business & Interactive Mktg, Newell Rubbermaid | Stephanie Frost, Atlanta, GA, Digital Media Strategist | Etan Horowitz, Atlanta, GA, Digital Media Producer, CNN International

Track Program 4A: Financial Literacy for Staff and Bar Leaders
This session will provide an overview to reading financial documents as well as applying and implementing policies and procedures which control and safeguard the bar’s money.

MODERATOR | Harry Shipley, CAE, Des Moines, IA, Assistant Executive Director, The Iowa State Bar Association

PANELISTS | Ellen Johnson, Atlanta, GA, Senior Director of Education, The Georgia Center for Non-Profits | Steven Laine, Atlanta, GA, CFO, State Bar of Georgia | Patricia Pryor, Atlanta, GA, Audit Partner, Cherry, Bekaert & Holland

Track Program 4C: Mobile Productivity - Running Your Bar From Your Pocket
That thing in your pocket is more than just a phone. You can use that device to run your bar from anywhere on the planet. Come learn the tips, tricks and techniques you need to take your mobile productivity to the next level.

MODERATOR | David A. Bohm, Cary, NC, Assistant Executive Director, North Carolina Bar Association

PANELISTS | Natalie Kelly, Atlanta, GA, Director, Law Practice Management, State Bar of Georgia | Nerino Petro, Madison, WI, Practice Management Advisor, State Bar of Wisconsin

Thursday, February 10

Track Program 5A: FREE Stuff!! Tips That Will Save You Money
Tips, ideas and resources that are free (or almost) that can help get your job done. This session will include not only tech tools such as Google Docs and Dropbox, but also tips and ideas dealing with sponsors, communication, support resources and others. Bring your own and share!

MODERATOR | Chris Manos, Helena, MT, Executive Director, State Bar of Montana

PANELISTS | Rodney Dowell, Boston, MA, Director, Massachusetts Law Office Management Assistance Program | Whitney von Haam, Cary, NC, Executive Director, Wake County Bar Association

Track Program 5B: How Healthcare Reform Impacts Your Staff Benefits Package
The recent changes to the law will affect the concept of different employees receiving different benefits. Many of us have not thought through what could be a significant restructuring of the existing benefit package as well as the time and costs associated with those changes. Other concerns include the impact on benefit packages for those staff who are about to become eligible for Medicare.

SPEAKERS | Robert Lewis, Atlanta, GA, Regional Counsel for ERISA and Employee Benefits, U.S. Department of Labor | Dena M. Wengert, SPHR, Richmond, VA, Human Resources Director, LeclairRyan

Track Program 5C: To Follow, Per Chance to Friend – Using Social Media to Connect with Current and Future Members
This program will provide tips on how to effectively use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media to create compelling opportunities for growing membership and more.

SPEAKERS | Sayre Happich, San Francisco, CA, Assistant Director of Communications & Public Relations, Bar Association of San Francisco | John Sirman, Austin, TX, Web Manager, State Bar of Texas

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