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American Bar Association

26th LRE Conference

The ABA Division for Public Education held its 26th National Law-Related Education (LRE) Leadership Conference, October 1-3, 2009, at the Hotel Sax in Chicago, Illinois. The conference theme, "Building a Better Tomorrow: Youth, Citizenship, and Civic Engagement," allowed participants to meet specific conference goals:

  • Strengthen civic, law, and citizen education partnerships within communities;
  • Offer solutions to bridge the disconnect between policies and real-world applications in the lives of adult and children citizens;
  • Provide law-related education professionals with rich, relevant content and methods to use in their classrooms and programs;
  • Present data-driven evidence of the benefits of civic, law, and citizen education programs;
  • Infuse traditional civic, law, and citizen education partnerships and programs with new technologies;
  • Propose new models for formal and informal education of citizens and noncitizens in today’s changing global society;
  • Equip educators with tools needed to protect youth rights and ensure juvenile justice in real and virtual communities; and
  • Share dynamic, interactive best-practice models for youth engagement to advance civic, law, and citizen education initiatives.

During the conference, the Isidore Starr Award for Excellence in Law-Related Education will be presented to an outstanding servant and advocate from the field. The last Isidore Starr Award was presented to Jan L. Miller in 2007. Jan is the Director of Law-Related Education at the State Bar of Texas. Isidore Starr, "Izzy" to those that know him, is professor emeritus, Queens College, New York, and the "Father of LRE." Isidore Starr's lifetime of law-related education activism in schools and communities is evident throughout the field.