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Text of the Constitution: Introduction


Article I Legislative branch

Article II Executive branch

Article III Judicial branch

Article IV The States

Article V Amendments

Article VI Legal Status of the Constitution

Article VII Ratification

Bill of Rights (Amendments I-X)

Amendment I Freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly

Amendment II Right to bear arms

Amendment III Quartering of solidiers

Amendment IV Search and seizure

Amendment V Due process, double jeopardy, self-incrimination

Amendment VI Criminal prosecutions: trial by jury, right to counsel

Amendment VII Civil suits: right to trial

Amendment VIII Cruel and unusual punishment; excessive bails/fines

Amendment IX Non-enumerated rights

Amendment X Powers reserved to States

Amendment XI Suits against a State

Amendment XII Election of the President

Amendment XIII Abolition of Slavery

Amendment XIV Due process, equal protection

Amendment XV Right to vote not denied by race

Amendment XVI Income tax

Amendment XVII Election of Senators

Amendment XVIII Prohibition

Amendment XIX Right to vote not denied by sex

Amendment XX Terms of President, Vice President

Amendment XXI Repeal of Prohibition, 18th Amendment

Amendment XXII Limit of presidential terms

Amendment XXIII Presidential vote in District of Columbia

Amendment XXIV Poll tax

Amendment XXV Presidential succession

Amendment XXVI Right to vote extended to 18-year-olds

Amendment XXVII Congressional Pay

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