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2008 National Online Youth Summit: Environmental Law & Public Policy

Environmental Law & Public Policy: From Grassroots to Government
In the course of the summit, students will learn about grassroots and government efforts to create a national environmental policy, current environmental laws, and some of the political and social responses to resource management and environmental change across time. Students will analyze key legislation and Supreme Court decisions dealing with the environment, and global warming in particular, as well as the role of the Executive branch in administering environmental laws.

Through participation in the summit, students will formulate informed opinions about national and international environmental policies. Students will be able to engage with and evaluate ongoing policy debates about the current economic and social impact of managing environmental change.

ABA Materials for Summit Teachers

This section contains everything you need to facilitate your participation in the 2008 summit. All of the following links are to .pdfs; you may need to download Adobe's free Acrobat Reader in order to access them.

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