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American Bar Association
ABA Division for Public Education

2011 National Online Youth Summit Application

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Fields designated as "other" or "optional" may be left blank. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

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If you are on a semester system, please provide the start and end dates for each semester below. (Ex. November 19)

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Please provide Start and End Month/Dates for spring and winter breaks in the area below. (Only hit "Enter" if you are starting a new line.)

  What percentage of students in this class speak English as a second language?

What is the primary language, other than English, spoken by students in your class as their first language?

 Is this an honors or advanced placement class?
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 Is this a basic skills or low ability class?
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 Is this a required or elective class?
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 What percentage of students enrolled in the class do you estimate will have access to the Internet from home?

 Will students in this class be required to take any standardized test during your class period between January-May 2011?

If yes, when?

Teaching Experience

 Number of years teaching

 Have you participated in the Summit in the past?


If yes, when?

 Please explain the student learning objectives that you will seek to meet by participating in the National Online Youth Summit, Itís the Law: Guarding the Nationís Health.

 Please explain how you plan to integrate the Summit and the topic into your course.

  How did you learn about the National Online Youth Summit?

ABA Division for Public Education website

Colleague / Friend

NCSS Annual Meeting

E-mail notification (Source of e-mail)

Advertisement (Name of Publication)

Other (Please specify)

Please submit a signed letter of support by fax, e-mail (as a PDF), or mail.

Letters of support should be sent to the attention of:

Rina Shah
On behalf of the ABA
Division for Public Education
321 N. Clark Street, Mail Stop 20.2
Chicago, IL 60654-7598
E-mail: rshah.noys@gmail.com
Fax: 312-988-5494

Applications, including the letter of support, must be submitted no later than December 7, 2010.
Questions should be directed to Rina Shah at the above address, by phone at 703-651-6670, or by e-mail at rshah.noys@gmail.com.
NOTE: If, after sending your application, you get an error page asking you to fill in required fields that were left blank, use the link that says "Back" at the bottom of the page. (If you hit the back button in your browser, you may lose all of your work and need to fill in the entire application again.)

Before you submit your application, please review the entire form to be sure the information you are submitting is accurate.

I have reviewed the Participant Expectations and Technology Requirements, and I agree to fulfill them if accepted.




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