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ABA Rule of Law Initiative Internship Program

Washington, D.C. Internship Program


The ABA Rule of Law Initiative Internships are offered throughout the year during Fall, Spring and Summer semesters allowing for complete applications to be accepted on a rolling basis. The internships are created and filled based on each division’s specific needs, workload and ultimately their capacity to host an intern for that particular semester. Should you not hear from us, it is safe to assume that another candidate has been selected. If you have been selected for the position you will be contacted directly by Program Staff prior to the start of the position.



Responsibilities will vary depending on the section’s immediate needs. Duties may include assisting the department with the management of international programs, monitoring the political and economic developments in a region, researching areas of interest, aiding with correspondence, working with program and in-country staff on day-to-day support tasks, and performing administrative duties requested by the relevant office staff.

International Volunteer Internship Program

International Internships

The ABA Rule of Law Initiative is potentially seeking unpaid legal interns for its offices in various countries, across the Asia, Africa, MENA, LAC, and Europe and Eurasia regions. Legal interns will work on various projects as outlined in the term of reference for each office.  Responsibilities will include assisting in the development, planning and implementation of country specific programming, researching and drafting reports, briefings and other related documentation, assisting with the preparation and implementation of training workshops, seminars or other legal education activities, and performing administrative duties requested by the relevant office staff.

Internship Experience

Africa Division

“The experience of working at ABA ROLI allowed me to learn about the importance of, and ways to, facilitate the rule of law around the world, by working with hardworking staff dedicated to working not merely for, but with, individuals around the world by promoting efforts to facilitate the rule of law throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.  I felt as though not only my assistance, but my ideas and input, were appreciated and utilized by the staff.”

Nicole Hauspurg, Undergraduate Intern, Fall & Spring 2008


Asia Division

“Being affiliated with the ABA ROLI is a great way to start one's legal career.  As a law student, I had the unique opportunity to interact with lawyers and judges from several countries, as well as participate in the ABA Annual Meeting alongside attorneys from around the world.  I also gained a valuable understanding of what it means to work as a lawyer in the international development and non-profit sectors.”

Melody Cheung, Law Student Intern, Summer 2009


Latin America and Caribbean Division

““In addition to a good location, work environment and above all a great cause, there wasn’t a better way to put my career goals in perspective than by interning with ABA ROLI.”  

Adriana Courembis, Undergraduate Intern, Spring 2009


Middle East and North Africa Division

"Interning with the ABA ROLI gave me the invaluable, hands-on skills that college can't teach you."

Alexandra Bowles, Intern, Summer 2009


Europe & Eurasia Division

“My internship with ABA gave me practical experience in development work beyond what most internships offer. I got to work on substantive projects, and staff took time to answer any questions I had and to teach me how to do things like write a good report, understand the budgeting process, and write a proposal. I can definitely say that this internship is what got me my current job.”

Ellen Davis, Undergraduate Intern, Spring 2009


Europe & Eurasia Division, Ukraine office

“I personally appreciate the fact that the internship places me directly in the field, learning how something abstract, like ‘access to justice,’ becomes a concrete project with measurable objectives and results.  Also, ABA ROLI is a one-of-a-kind organization in Ukraine.  I am aware of no other organization which fosters such a broad-reaching advocacy for legal efficacy as does ABA ROLI.”
- Chris Russell, Field Intern, Spring 2010

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