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Dear Law Students:

Thank you for your interest in becoming a leader within the Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section ("TIPS") of the American Bar Association. The following important information will assist you in applying for a position as a Liaison from the Law Student Division to a TIPS Standing Committee or for a position as a Law Student Vice-Chair of a TIPS General Committee. Being appointed as a TIPS Liaison or Vice-Chair is an honor reserved for only a handful of law students every year. We look forward to getting to know you and working with you in the future.

Terry C. Bruner, Esq.
Sherra Van Brunt


LIAISONS: Each year, TIPS has four (4) liaisons from the Law Student Division (LSD) to TIPS Governing Council and Standing Committees. The LSD directly appoints the liaison to TIPS' governing council. (See the LSD website for a LSD separate application). TIPS, however, appoints the three (3) law student liaisons to its Committee for Diversity in the Profession, Law in Public Service Committee, and Long Range Planning Committee. Liaisons serve one (1) year terms beginning at the end of the ABA Annual Meeting. Liaisons are fully funded to attend TIPS meetings, as TIPS pays or reimburses for airfare, hotel, meals, and related expenses. (Full information and rules will be provided upon appointment). For this reason, it is crucial for liaisons to attend all meetings for which they are funded, usually three (3) or four (4) meetings each year. Liaisons also serve as members of the TIPS Taskforce on Outreach to Law Students and TIPS Law Student Board. Previous service as a TIPS Law Student Vice-Chair is encouraged, but not required, for liaison applicants.

LAW STUDENT VICE-CHAIRS: TIPS also appoints one (1) law student to sit as the Law Student Vice-Chair of each of its substantive law committees (known as "General Committees"). These positions are not funded by TIPS, but vice-chairs are welcome to attend any TIPS meetings. You may be able to encourage your law school dean or SBA to fund your travel to a TIPS meeting. Limited scholarship funds may also be available (see the TIPS website for details). Vice-Chairs are not required to attend TIPS meetings, but attendance is certainly encouraged. Law Student Vice-Chairs are also named members of the TIPS Law Student Board and invited to business and social events with other TIPS law student leaders. TIPS General Committees currently include the following: TIPS also now provides for an appointment of a law student to the General Committee Board.

APPLICATION PROCESS: All applications must be received by March 1, 2011. (Except a separate Law Student Division application for Liaison to Council, which must be mailed to the LSD). Applications must include a copy of your resume. A one (1) page statement regarding why you are interested in being appointed to a particular TIPS committee is encouraged. To serve as a liaison or vice-chair, you must join or be a member of the ABA and TIPS. You can join at anytime before you email your application.

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For more information, please see the website www.abanet.org/tips/lawstudent


Please complete the following information.

Should you have questions about the application please call Linda Wiley at 1-312/988-5673

First Name:

Last Name:

ABA Member No:  *1

Law School

Graduation Month/Year





Business Telephone



If you currently hold a leadership position in the Law Student Division or TIPS,
please identify your position:

Are you applying for :
Liaison Only
Vice-Chair Only
Either Position

If you are applying for a liaison position, please rank
your preference among the following three Standing committees: *2

Diversity in the Profession
Law in Public Service
Long Range Planning

If you are applying for a law student vice-chair position, please rank
your preference among the following three General committees: *3

1st Preference
2nd Preference
3rd Preference

If your desired committee is unavailable, will you accept
an appointment to any open committee?


Areas of practice that you have an interest:

I understand that only liaison positions are funded positions within TIPS. If I am appointed to a liaison position, I agree to attend all meetings for which my participation is funded. I understand that as a vice-chair, I would not be funded by TIPS, but am welcome to attend TIPS meetings at my own expense or if paid by my school or another source.

I Agree

You must include a copy of your resume. You may include a personal statement of no longer than one (1) page within your resume indicating why you are interested in applying for a particular position within TIPS or regarding the diversity that you might bring to our Section.

*1* You must be a member of the ABA and the Tort Trial & Insurance Practice Section (tips) to become a liaison or a law student vice-chair.
To apply for membership in either the ABA ($25/year) or TIPS (FREE for Law Students, visit www.abanet.org/tips

*2* To apply for the law student liaison to TIPS' Council, apply through the Law Student Division at www.abanet.org/lsd/elections

*3* A full list of TIPS General Committees can be found on the drop down listing above this application or on the TIPS website

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For enrollment in a committee of the Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section, simply fill out the on-line committee application form. Please note:  If you are already a Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section member, you may join up to three (3) committees at no additional cost. However, if you are not a Section member, you must join the Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section first.

If you have any questions regarding participation in TIPS Committees, please contact Linda Wiley at lmwiley@staff.abanet.org or by phone at 312/988-5673.