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DateMeeting Name/EventLocationRequested CLE *Format
04/22/2014Pro Bono IP Litigation Across BordersN/A1.5Webinar/Teleconference
04/23/20142014 Fundamentals of Real Estate: Next Steps in Financing for Real Estate LawyersN/A1.5Webinar/Teleconference
04/24/2014Fundamentals of Medicare/MedicaidN/A1.5Webinar/Teleconference
04/28/2014Hot Topics Around the Country:The Requirement and Development of Mentorship Programs for New & YL N/ATBDWebinar/Teleconference
04/30/2014Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) EssentialsN/A1.5Webinar/Teleconference
05/08/2014Learning to Lead: What Really Works for Women in LawN/ATBDWebinar/Teleconference
05/12/2014The IDEA, School Discipline, and Juvenile DelinquencyN/ATBDWebinar/Teleconference
05/13/2014Setting Up & Running a Solo Entertainment Law PracticeN/ATBDWebinar/Teleconference
05/14/2014 - 05/16/2014Health Care Fraud 2014San Francisco,
05/14/2014Should I Tweet About That? Ethics, Advertising, and the Internet after ABA Opinion 465N/A1.5Webinar/Teleconference
05/15/2014 - 05/17/2014YLD 2014 Spring ConferencePittsburgh,
05/21/2014 - 07/09/2014Tech Tools, Tips and Tricks in Construction LitigationN/A4.5Webinar/Teleconference
05/21/2014Tips and Tricks for Working with Cost and Damages ExpertsN/A1.5Webinar/Teleconference
05/22/2014Bar Exam Prep: 30 Tips in 30 MinutesN/ATBDWebinar/Teleconference
05/28/20142014 Fundamentals of Real Estate: Operating Agreements for Real Estate LawyersN/A1.5Webinar/Teleconference
06/10/2014Negotiation Skills and Strategies for Sports LawyersN/A1.5Webinar/Teleconference
06/18/2014Employment Law 101 for Family Law PractitionersN/A1.5Webinar/Teleconference
06/18/2014Tech Tools: Understanding the Scheduling Experts' TechnologyN/A1.5Webinar/Teleconference
07/09/2014It’s Only a Matter of Time: Tips and Tricks for Working with Construction Schedule ExpertsN/A1.5Webinar/Teleconference
* The American Bar Association is an accredited provider of continuing legal education in all states. You can use ABA programs to fulfill MCLE requirements in accordance with your state's rules. Credit hours shown based upon a typical 60-minute state. The MCLE rules vary by state and are subject to review and final approval. Please check your state's rules regarding limitations, approved formats and approved subjects. For more information please visit the Center for CLE.
Past Meetings and Conferences
» 2010 Fall Conference — Santa Fe, NM
» 2010 Annual Meeting — San Francisco, CA
» 2010 Midyear Meeting — Orlando, FL



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