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From cartoons to curmudgeons, BLT for January-February 2006 has what you need (OK, maybe you didn't need a curmudgeon).
Is a company you're advising routinely doing psychological testing that they shouldn't be doing? Have they even thought about the legal consequences? Check out our cover story. Cartoons? Of course BLT always has these, but this time we even have a feature article that's about the Disney company. There have to be few lessons here about what boards of directors should or shouldn't do -- and the case involved has only been to a trial court so far. And then there's a piece on pro bono overseas: Consider the possibility. We also talk about making part of your law firm seem like law school as well as one on appraising businesses (that's where the curmudgeon part comes in). We wind up with a list of resources on transactional training. Not to mention our usual departments.

When a test turns into a trial
Things to keep in mind about psychological testing
By Larry R. Seegull and Emily Caputo

Disney directors survive attack on Magic Kingdom
Learning from the trial court's opinion
By Mark R. High

Turning the firm into a school
Help your associates learn to draft contracts — the right way
By Charles C. Lewis

Pro bono goes global
A look at Lawyers Without Borders
By Darhiana Mateo

Appraising a business
Ethics and standards are in the mix
By Terri A. Lastovka

Natural resources
Help is here for transactional training
By Tina L. Stark

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