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  Civil Rights Litigation
Practice Points »

DOJ in Violation Through Use of Policies of Indefinite Detainment of Children

U.S. district court judge orders Department of Justice to follow 1997 immigration law.

Title VII Protections Extended to Victims of Sexual-Orientation Discrimination

While the EEOC's recent ruling came out of a case involving a federal employee, its rationale would seemingly extend to employees of private companies as well.

Texas AG Vows to Protect Officials Refusing to Comply with Marriage Ruling

Religious objection battles over compliance with the Supreme Court decision are not likely to be confined to Texas.

Articles »

Supreme Court to Revisit Affirmative Action in College Admissions

By O. Andrew F. Wilson

The coming decision promises a material development in the law on race and admissions under the Fourteenth Amendment.

Social Media Developments: Employers' Access and Discovery

By David E. Gevertz

Two trends have begun to emerge that may offer employers some guidance, if not complete certainty, as to when access to an employee's account is appropriate.

Does the Second Amendment Protect Unauthorized Aliens?

By John Pierce

The Seventh Circuit makes a compelling argument in U.S. v. Meza-Rodriguez.

Sound Advice »

audio A Review of Voting-Rights Cases in Ohio

By Dan Tokaji

Over the last decade, Ohio has had several large cases regarding voting rights. Professor Dan Tokaji outlines the key points of each case. (20:29 min)

audio Consequences of Criminal Convictions

By Grayson Yeargin

Grayson Yeargin explains the new and unfamiliar situations the convicted party may face. (17:13 min)

audio Transgender Protections Against Employment Discrimination—Part I, Part II

By Nancy Marcus

Nancy Marcus highlights three recent developments regarding transgender rights that may impact employment discrimination cases across the country. (10:10 and 11:08 min)

Roundtables »

audio Is More Gun Control the Answer?

A panel of experts sheds light on issues of public safety, individual rights, mental health, and other issues raised by gun violence. (1:01:58)

audio Voter-Suppression Issues in the 2012 Election

The 2012 electorate is abuzz with concern over sweeping voting laws in several states that have real potential to affect the outcome of the presidential election. (47:03)


Civil Right to Counsel Video

Learn more about the latest developments on the civil right to counsel movement and how you can get involved. Watch now.

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