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Congress and DOJ React to Subpoena Scandal

In its wake, efforts in both the House and the Senate to adopt a federal statutory reporter shield law, known as the Free Flow of Information Act, have been reenergized.

Reporters Committee and Media Companies Back Google, Microsoft in FISA Court

The RCFP has filed an amicus brief with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to support the free-speech rights of the Internet giants.

Fourth Circuit Affirms Lexington's Right to Ban Confederate Flags

Ruling raises questions about the significance of a "designated public forum" if the government may close it for any reason.

Articles »

Intrusion upon Seclusion Comes to Canada

By Thomas J. Williams and Nick Nelson

Tsige v. Jones may signal the start of an era in which Canadian courts recognize and develop the privacy torts with their own distinct stamp.

An Overview of the Manning Trial

By Travis R. Wimberly

The controversial Manning conviction represents the first major victory in authorities' efforts to combat WikiLeaks in the courts.

Third Circuit Weighs First Amendment v. Rights of Publicity

By Ronald S. Katz

In a recent case, the First Amendment rights of a video game manufacturer were outweighed by the right of publicity of a college football player.


MLRC/NAA/NAB 2012 Media Law Conference

The September conference will focus on defamation, privacy, editorial tort, news-gathering, and intellectual property issues, and it's designed for defense counsel.

Reporters Committee First Amendment Awards Dinner

The dinner brings together leading figures in journalism and media law for an evening of socializing, dinner, and honoring those who have advanced the First Amendment.

Communications Law in the Digital Age

This year's program will highlight the hottest issues and case law in media, digital communications, intellectual property, and privacy law.

First Amendment & Media Litigation Leadership

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