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Legal Implications Emerging from the Shale Gas Drilling Boom

By Catherine M. Chiccine

This book explains the nature of the shale gas boom and analyzes the various issues, regulations, and lawsuits associated with shale gas drilling.


Understanding Personalities Is Key to Successful Depositions

By Erin Louise Palmer

This book provides a broad overview of depositions and how to interact with opposing counsel and the deponent.


Inside a Judge's Head

By Charles S. Fax

This book illuminates the view of a seasoned trial judge and senior practitioner in assessing the professionalism, skill, and advocacy of the attorneys appearing before him.


Lawyers Help Protect Vulnerable Children

By Erin Louise Palmer

This book highlights the crucial role that lawyers can play in protecting the rights of children as well as those least fortunate amongst us of any age.


Essential Reading on Cross-Examination

By Charles S. Fax

This book of essays is a resource on cross-exmination for the novice and expert alike.


Strategies for Success at Every Step of the Business Torts Case

By Kristine L. Roberts

This book is an essential resource in preparing a business torts case for trial.


Trial with Fewer Errors

By Jeffrey R. Teeters

This book provides a throughful, purposeful approach to trial preparation and trial presentation.


Civil Mediation Made Accessible

By Kelso L. Anderson

This book provides attorneys and other professionals involved in civil mediation with a primer on all aspects of civil mediation.


How to Survive and Thrive as a Law Firm Associate

By Natasha Saggar Sheth

This book offers tips and strategies on how to be a successful associate.


Aid in Navigating Pretrial Discovery Issues

By Angela Foster

This book serves as a useful reference for resolving both basic and complex discovery questions.


Professional Liability Committee Assesses the Law Every Lawyer Should Understand

By Joseph P. Beckman

This book offers a state-by-state review of each jurisdiction's treatment of legal malpractice.


Fifty-State Survey Provides Rudder on State Class Action Law

By Kelso L. Anderson

This compilation provides guidance from experienced litigators and will earn a place on the shelves of multijurisdictional class action practitioners.


Fifty-State Survey Shines Light on the "Dark Corner of the Law"

By Joseph Callanan

The Fifty-State Survey is a compendium of each jurisdiction's condemnation laws.


The Young Litigator: Advice on Building a Successful Career

By Caitlin Haney

The Young Litigator is a compilation of how-to materials from Section newsletters, journals, websites, and other sources.


Pleading Your Case Is a Solid Addition to a Lawyer's Bookshelf

By Brian A. Zemil

Janet S. Kole presents the steps of drafting a complaint or response and provides helpful tips and strategies.


Model Witness Examinations Continues to be a Valuable Resource and Teaching Tool

By Kristine L. Roberts

The Third Edition contains 70 model examinations designed to help lawyers ask the right questions at trial.


Tongue-Tied America: Reviving the Art of Verbal Persuasion

By Robert L. Rothman

New book by past Section chair offers practical tips for keeping arguments interesting.


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