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Winter 2017, Volume 42, Number 2

Litigation News - Winter 2017Features

OSHA Enacts Settlement Agreement Rules in Whistleblower Cases

By Kelso L. Anderson

Class Action Waivers Hang in the Balance

By Sara E. Costello

Procedural Dismissal Leads to Substantive Loss

By Adam E. Lyons



Struggles in the Legal World

Keeping Watch

Developments in the Federal Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches

Posted & Noted

Sightings from the Blogosphere

News & Analysis


Business Development / Making the Most of the First Meeting

By Oran F. Whiting

Practice Points / A Protective Order Doesn't Guarantee Sealing

By Hon. Karen L. Stevenson

Civil Procedure Update / What Can You Disclose in Moving to Withdraw as Counsel?

By Charles S. Fax

Civil Procedure Update / Circuit Split Widens on Recovering Attorney Fees as Costs

By Carl A. Aveni

Business of Litigation / Rise of the Machine: Artificial Intelligence in the Practice of Law

By Daniel S. Wittenberg

From the Committees / Specific Objections Succeed under Discovery Rule Amendments

By Tracy D. Fillippo

Book Review / Legal Implications Emerging from the Shale Gas Drilling Boom

By Catherine M. Chiccine


Tips for Protecting Information Through Protective Orders and Sealing

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